How to Clean Crocs with Fur? Simple Solution.

How to Clean Crocs with Fur? Simple Solution.

Do you know what the best part is about winter? I don’t know about you but, for me, it is all the fashionable and classy outfits I get to wear during the winter—leather jackets, elegant scarves, chic coats, and, of course, stylish shoes. I will be lying if I say I don’t update my closet every year during the winter to match all the trendy things happening, especially shoes. I own a vast collection of winter shoes, and I can’t stop buying more. Boots, Sneakers, Crocs, and what not?

Crocs with fur have become my new favorites. I love them for the extraordinary comfort they have to offer and all the sleek designs and patterns. But, I must say that maintaining them is also very important to keep them as good as new for a long time. If you own fuzzy Crocs, you may have wondered at least once that how to clean fuzzy Crocs? In this article, we will discuss how to clean Crocs with fur inside.

Can You Wash Fuzzy Crocs?

Among the countless styles of Crocs, the fuzzy Crocs are one of the most popular types of Crocs. They are incredible in keeping your feet warm and give your feet that comforting hug you need during the winter.

The fuzzy Crocs can get smelly and dirty after a while because your feet can sweat in them. You have to wash your Crocs to make them clean and comfy again. So you have the answer. Yes, you can wash fuzzy Crocs. But, you have to be careful. It is recommended to wash them using your hand and avoid hot water while washing them as they can shrink your Crocs. Coldwater or lukewarm water should be fine.

How to Clean Fuzzy Crocs?

In this part, we will elaborate how you can clean or wash Crocs with fur inside. Sometimes you will see that the fur lining of your Crocs won’t come off. You will have to clean them while they are still inside the Crocs. Well, don’t worry about it. It is straightforward to clean the inside of fuzzy Crocs.

What you will need:

• Laundry detergent/mild soap

• Scrubber

• Coldwater

How to Clean Crocs with Fur Inside? Step-by-Step Guide

By following these steps, you can wash Crocs with Fur inside easily.

Step 1: Make a solution of cold water and the laundry detergent to soak your Crocs in.

Step 2: Soak your Crocs in the solution for a while to let it thoroughly clean the shoes and the fuzzy lining.

Step 3: Use the scrubber to gently scrub all over the Crocs and the furry part.

How to Clean Crocs with Fur? Simple Solution.

Step 4: Rinse your furry Crocs thoroughly with water to get rid of all the dirt and dust.

Step 5: Air dry them for a few hours or overnight, and you are good to go.

I hope that we are able to provide solution to your query. Our next part is how to clean fur lined Crocs.

To clean fur lined Crocs, make sure that you have removed the liners before cleaning. Thus, you can wash fur lined Crocs.

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Are Crocs Liners Removable? How to Wash Fur Lined Crocs?

Crocs official has confirmed that their liners are removable. This makes using and maintaining fur-lined Crocs handier. You can easily take off the fuzzy lining to wash and dry them separately. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the entire pair of Crocs just because the fuzzy lining got a little bit stinky.

So after removing the liners, you can clean fur lined Crocs by applying the same ways as mentioned above.

How To Remove Fuzz From Crocs?

The removable fuzz in the Crocs is usually just clip-ons. You can easily take them out and wash them. You will need to be a little gentle while removing the fuzzy liner as it can be delicate.

The fuzz is usually wrapped around the opening of the Crocs, so pull them up as the first step. Then, you will have to keep the rivet’s exterior still by holding it. After that, you should gently pull the whole liner out. You have to do it on both sides.

How to Clean Crocs with Fur? Simple Solution.

How Do You Clean Classic Lined Crocs?

There are a few styles of lined Crocs that come with non-removable lining. It is better to wash them using cold water, mild soap, and a soft scrubber. It will help you keep classic crocs clean from all the dirt and spots. You will have to let them air dry for a few hours after that.

Leather Crocs Styles

You can’t wash leather Crocs generally with water and soap. You have to be extra gentle. Dampen a rubber sponge or a rag to wipe off the dirt or spots on your Crocs. Afterward, apply a layer of protector spray or leather cream to create a barrier that will make your Crocs somewhat waterproof.

Smooth Napa Leather Crocs are also supposed to be cleaned with a damp rag. You can apply a natural shoe cream, preferably with a waxy texture, with a brush made of cotton. Apply the wax in circular motions.

Patent leather Crocs are a bit fragile. They need to be cleaned carefully with a damp sponge without any harsh chemicals. You can buy cleaning products professionally designed for patent leather.

Leather Crocs can be a little high-maintenance, but it is truly worth it. Who can keep their hands off of those super chic and classy designs? I know I can’t.

Wedges and Heels

Since wedges and heels are made of synthetic materials, it is best to avoid cleaning them more often. You can spot clean them with a damp cloth but avoid using solvent cleaners as they can break the glue or ruin the material.

Suede or Wool (How to Clean Fleece Lined Crocs?)

You can clean the top portion of suede or wool Crocs using a brush. If they have fleece, damp cloth and mild soap should work just fine. You can also try using a washing machine but make sure to set the cycle to gentle. This way, you can clean your fleece lined Crocs.

Canvas Styles

Canvas style Crocs are pretty easy to clean. You can use mild soap and a brush to clean them and remove all the dirt and spots thoroughly.

Air Dry

After you have used any of the methods described above, make sure you let your Crocs air dry instead of making them go through extreme heat. Heat will shrink your Crocs!


What Can I Clean My Crocs With?

Croslite is the material used to make Crocs that is a very lightweight and soft material. Apart from that, guess what? They are super easy to clean as well. As they are kind of like rubber, they give good grips and the chances of them wearing off are very low. But that doesn’t mean you can go harsh on them. Use mild soap and cold water to clean your rubber Crocs. You can use a soft sponge to make sure you clean every spot. It is not preferred to use the washing machine, but if you don’t have the time and energy, you can use the washing machine on the gentle cycle to clean your Crocs. But is Crostile edible?

Why Do My Feet Smell After Wearing Crocs?

Your feet can get a bit sweaty after wearing Crocs for a long time. This happens more often if you are wearing them throughout a hot sunny day. During the winter, this shouldn’t be a problem as your feet won’t sweat as much in cold weather.

To avoid this smelling problem, you can try taking your Crocs off for a bit to let your feet dry. If you have to keep wearing them all day long, it is recommended to wear socks. It will add to the comfort and absorb all the sweat. But don’t keep your sweaty socks in for a long time. It will stink up eventually.

How To Clean Crocs At Home?

Trust me, cleaning your Crocs at home is way easier than you can imagine. If your Crocs are just covered in loose dirt and dust, you can use old towels to wipe them. If you want to get into that thorough washing process, try to pick a spot big enough where you are not worried about spilling water and soap. Then you can use mild soap, cold water, and a scrubber to clean them at home.

For leather Crocs, you might have to be a little more careful. A soft sponge of rubber should do the trick. And then you will have to use a leather cream to bring back its shine. If you are wondering, how to wash Crocs with Fur inside at home, you can check our step-by-step guide above.

How To Make Crocs Shiny Again?

The way you wash your Crocs can make a big difference in this case. Always remember to use cold water while washing your Crocs and wipe your Crocs with a dry towel before you let them air dry.

For more efficient results, you can use Armor oil or CROCS shiner. Armor All retains the shine of your Crocs, and the CROCS shiner removes any extra dirt and makes your Crocs look as good as new.

Can I put my Crocs in the washing machine?

How to Clean Crocs with Fur? Simple Solution.

Crocs can definitely be washed using the washing machine. But, you will have to use the gentle cycle, the 20-30 degrees function. However, hand wash is recommended to make them last longer.

How do I remove stains from my Crocs?

Removing stains from Crocs is pretty easy if you spot clean them using laundry detergent and lukewarm soapy water.

How to Clean Smelly Crocs with Fur?

The holes on your Crocs make themselves breathable, and the sweat dries up easily. So, Crocs usually don’t get smelly if you take care of them and clean them once in a while. Even if they get smelly, you can clean smelly Crocs with fur by following the steps that we presented in how to clean Fuzzy Crocs part.

Does baking soda clean Crocs?

Yes, baking soda can be used to clean Crocs. It is, in fact, one of the cheapest ingredients to use on Croslite as it won’t have a bad reaction. It does not only remove dirt and spots but also removes the odor.

How to take the liners off old Crocs?

There is a possibility for the liners of your old Crocs to get jammed and stuck if you haven’t taken them off for a while. Try to pull them off gently as being harsh can rip them. You can use soft wax as a lubricant.

How to Clean Fuzzy Crocs? (Summary)

Furry-lined Crocs are one of the most elegant fashion choices for winter, they are also known as winter crocs. They are good-looking, come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and fit great. Grab yours asap to be part of the trend as you know everything to maintain your fuzzy Crocs by now. We also have a cleaning guide for Crocs in general. You can check it out.

I hope that you have liked our guide on how to clean Fuzzy Crocs where we have discussed how to wash Crocs with fur inside, how to clean fur lined and fleece lined Crocs. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments.

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