Birkenstock vs Vionic | Side-by-Side Comparison!

Birkenstocks vs Vionics

Since winter is already here, it’s the time when you look for the perfect footwear to pull off in this season. The warmth of shoes at work and the cozy sandals at home can make your entire day better. In this case of Birkenstock vs Vionic, both offer the best quality footwear that can match your expectations.

These footwear companies have been improving their quality while introducing footwear for people of all ages. Their super quality material and different collections of footgear have been getting attention from people worldwide.

Except for these similar qualities, some differences are why people live in a dilemma while buying any of them. If you ever face a similar kind of issue, make sure to check out this article to help yourself out. In this article, we are going to discuss Vionic vs Birkenstock.

What are Birkenstocks?

When it comes to choosing your footwear, brand value matters a lot. Generally, a particular brand always tries to advance the products by keeping the same main formula. Birkenstocks have been following this strategy since 1774, the founding year.

Birkenstock Logo

Their shoes are made of comfortable footwear with shock-absorbing soles. The jute fiber makes the footwear more rigid yet comfortable for wearing.

What are Vionics?

Vionics are not only footwear; instead, they help treat foot-related ailments. From 1979 to now, Vionics have successfully served this purpose while advancing their collection.

Birkenstock vs Vionic | Side-by-Side Comparison!

Orthotic footbeds with flexible mild EVA soles are significant features of the vionics footwear collection. The deep heel cup alongside provides extra support to the heels and helps to make the correct foot positioning.

Now let’s see the differences between Birkenstock and Vionic at a glance, Then we will discover them in detail.

Birkenstocks vs Vionics chart

Vegan collection (Birkenstock vs Vionic)

Both Birkenstocks and Vionic offer “Vegan” shoes and sandals that are sustainable at the same time. The vegan collection of Vionics is mainly targeted at women, whereas Birkenstocks offer Vegan for people of all ages.

The ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA is an environmentally friendly material used to make Birks sandals. The microfibre, cork, and jute are three components that also provide flexibility and durability of the vegan Birks footwear.

Birkenstock vs Vionic | Side-by-Side Comparison!

Sustainability is another core point that is assured by Vionics. Their orthotic footwear with jute wrapped soles is eco-friendly materials that add extra comfort while wearing them.

Arch support (Birkenstock vs Vionic)

Vionics provide the best arch support. Addictive stability is one of the reasons why it is helpful for foot positioning perfectly. It is also used to treat foot-related ailments, such as plantar fasciitis.

Birkenstock vs Vionic | Side-by-Side Comparison!

On the other hand, even though the footbed of Birkenstocks provides super comfort, many customers did find it hard to break in it. However, their “ Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal” is considered best in providing arch support.


In the case of durability between Birkenstock and Vionic, Birkenstock is way ahead than Vionics. Taking proper care of Birkenstocks can make them last for more than a decade. Whereas the Vionics are supposed to last only for 12-18 months.

Width collection

Birkenstocks offer both narrow and wide feet collections, which is excellent to choose from. However, the Vionics offers only the wide feet collection, which is a bit troublesome for people with narrow feet.

Mostly Birkenstocks run to their size, but issues might arise if someone doesn’t follow the EU size chart. The Vionics also try to run true to size, but customers might find problems in the fitting for half size.

Waterproof or water-resistant

The Vionics have claimed their footwear to be moisture and water resistant, which is not the case for Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks only carry water-resistant sandals, such as their EVA collection are perfect for beachwear or near pools. This is the last point of Vionic vs Birkenstock.

Birkenstock EVA.
Birkenstock EVA

Final words

Now, you must have got an idea about Birkenstock and Vionic footwear since you have read so far. So, the next time you want to buy any comfortable footwear, check out Birkenstocks or Vionics, and make sure to let us know too. We guarantee that you’ll be undoubtedly happy to choose a pair that suits you. If you want to know any other thing related to Vionic and Birkenstock, please comment below.

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  1. I loved my Birkenstock sandals but after a year of wearing only in the house I developed a deformed right small toe and bunion near buckle, painful.
    Bought Vionic slippers and like the supports do comfort Also no pain
    I’m 80+


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