Can You Run in Vans? | Let’s Find Out!

Can you run in vans?

Running shoes are generally made with additional comfort, durability, and support. However, not every shoe has these features. Therefore, many of us wonder if Vans shoes do the work, which brings us to the question – Can you run in Vans?

What are VANS?

We all have heard about VANS. These are the first shoes that come to our mind when someone says “sport shoes” or, even better, “skateboarding shoes.” VANS has been providing skaters with good-quality shoes for over four decades now.

In addition to each new model, its quality has been upgraded, and skaters worldwide are now more at ease while skating because of these shoes. One of the chief reasons the brand is so successful is the ongoing demand for athleisure and the renewal of retro style.
In contrast to producing skating shoes that remain to be their expertise, they also have footwear for running, and therefore, in response to such a variety of products – how would general VANS be compared to the runners?

Can you run in VANs?

You can run in Vans because Vans have shoes specifically designed for running. They provide ample cushioning, support, and excellent grip. They also have good arch support, flexibility, and stability. Moreover, they are lightweight and comfortable.

Are Vans comfortable as running shoes?

Are classic VANS shoes healthy for running? Or are they comfortable as running shoes? Well, the answer is not all Vans shoes. Even though VANs have earned a reputed name starting from the 1970s as skateboarding shoes, until recently, the boots have never been well fit for running as they are not designed for it.
It does not mean that VANs shoes are no good; most skaters’ first preference for buying shoes. Like boots have their privileges of keeping us warm, they cannot make us look as tall as heels will. Both are handy just for different purposes. So if you do want to run in Vans, choose the version that was made for it.

What makes VANS running shoes stand out?

Taking into consideration of casual running shoes, you might find yourself wondering, “What makes VANS running shoes stand out?”. Being a reputed store for footwear since the 1970’s you would indeed expect something extra-ordinary, and rest assured it is.

Features of VANS running shoes include –

The VANS running shoes includes the following properties –

● Comfort

● Superior Cushioning

● Lightweight

● Arch support

● Flexibility

● Stability

● Traction on the road or trails

● Breathability

For example, we can take Vans Mesh Iso 1.5

Can You Run in Vans? | Let's Find Out!

For a first impression, you may be attracted to the “athletic” representation, including sustainable heel support. Yet, the UltraCush Lite outsoles with the sock liners attract consumers further due to the extraordinarily lightweight and comfortable feeling it offers.

Another credible example would be the “UltraRange.”
Even though it is widely marketed to be more as footwear meant for surfing, it offers a significant amount of features enabling it to support runners.

Looking back, we may recognize classic VANS provides all the necessary features required by skaters. It has stiff soles, and thus it allows you to withstand more pressure on your heels. Moreover, this is one of the main reasons why Classic VANS are not advisable for running. The weight of classic VANS is also perfect for skating but is overweight for runners. But the Runners footwear by VANS takes care of all the lackings presented by Classic VANS for running. It weighs 250 grams which are said to be eligible for running. It has soft cushioning and includes arch support, flexibility, and much more.

Therefore, it can be stated that the Classic Vans have perfected themselves in the skating platform while the Runners footwear by VANS has proved to be advisable for running. Both are great in their own category and fulfill all the requirements in their specialized fields.

Why can’t classic Vans replace runners’ Vans?

Can You Run in Vans? | Let's Find Out!

Now some of you may ask, what is wrong with wearing VANs shoes for running? Is it not only about running with your feet? How much difference will the shoes make? Here’s the difference – Generally, VANs shoes have flat and stiff soles, which proves efficient during skating because they are rough and tough and usually do not break easily. But usually, for running shoes, a different kind of sole is used so that the more you use it, the less stiff it becomes. Eventually, you will be comfortable wearing those shoes, and the sole of your feet will not hurt much with use. But if you decide to use the VANs shoes that are not designed for running, then sooner or later, the soles will break down, and it will only cost you more money.

To address this matter more deeply, let us see what the majority has to say. According to a review post, the majority of the people who tried to wear the classic VANS shoes (made for skating) for running purposes stated that the shoe was reasonably good for about 2 miles of their run. However, soon it started hurting their feet, and they could not complete 5 miles without straining their joints.

Classic Vans for Running: Advisable or Not?

Most Vans shoes are designed for a better skateboarding experience rather than running. Though you can technically run in the classic Vans, it is not advisable since it might slow you down or even hurt your feet. Instead, it would be sensible to buy the Vans shoes that were made for running. While the classic Vans are fantastic for some sports, it is not ideal for running. They are not intended for it!
And here is why-

Characteristic flaws of classic VANS as running shoes-
(Point to be noted, the following characteristics are specifically about the Vans shoes made for skating and similar sports. It doesn’t include Vans running shoes.)

  • The weight – Classic Vans are pretty heavier than specialized running shoes. A pair of Vans weighs about 750 grams, while specialized running shoes are 270 grams or lighter on average. This can cause a lot of physical issues. It can cause many problems like pain in your hips, knees, ankles, back and can even cause a condition called Runner’s knee.
  • Arch support- Generally, Vans do not have arch support. This might seem like it does not make much of a difference, but arch support is needed, especially for running, because our feet have a slight arch in the middle. Without proper arch support, the weight distribution goes out of proportion, making shock absorption harder for your legs and feet. Running shoes should have elastic arches. Without this feature, people with conditions like plantar fasciitis and flat feet might suffer from further intense pain, and their condition might worsen over time.
  • Cushioning – For running, there should be adequate cushioning, no more, no less. If there isn’t enough cushioning in the footwear you run in, there will be an increased possibility of damage to your body. Recent studies have shown that even too much cushioning can be bad for your feet! Since Vans are designed for skating, it is natural for them to be different from what is needed for running.
  • Flexibility – One of the essential features that running shoes must have is flexibility. When we run, our feet and toes naturally spread a little. For this to happen without damage to your feet, the shoes you wear should have a wide enough space inside and should have the capacity to stretch enough when you take a step. The toe box should be wide enough to allow your toes to spread comfortably with each step. Vans are pretty narrow, and most people may find it a little constricting.
  • Soles- Shoes that we run in must be flexible since running involves relaxing and contracting. And the midsoles in Vans are not ideal for this type of movement since they are pretty stiff. This can cause soreness in your feet. If the footwear is not suited for running, it might even cause skin irritation.

Presenting runners footwear by VANS –

Not all Vans shoes are identical; hence, you can look for something that best fits you and covers the components of an excellent running shoe.

Some outstanding Vans running shoes

You can try these pairs for track runs:

  1. Vans Men’s Van-0tuy187 Sneaker
  2. Vans Men’s Van-0tuy187 Sneaker
  3. Vans Old Skool Unisex Adults Low-Top Trainers
  4. Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes
  5. Vans Low-Top Sneakers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some highlighted questions by consumers of VANS

Can you run in classic Vans?

You can, but since the classics are stiffer than running shoes, your experience probably wouldn’t be the best. Users have also complained about getting swamp feet from running in Vans skateboarding shoes. But on the other hand, the running shoes from Vans are perfect for the sport.

Can running in classic Vans hurt your feet?

Since most Vans shoes (like Vans Slip Ons ) have flat soles and not enough arch support, it might lead to overpronation. This, in turn, might cause shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc. Additionally, most Vans don’t have the ideal lateral ankle support, which can also be harmful. So, we advise you to use the version of Vans that’s optimized for running. But you can use VANs for walking, they are good walking shoes.

Are there good running shoes from Vans?

There are some Vans shoes like the Vans Low-Top Sneakers that perform excellently as running shoes. With adequate cushioning, breathability, rubber soles, and lightweight, it’s an excellent choice for running.

How are the Vans running shoes?

Overall, the Vans running shoes are pretty satisfactory. For example, the Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 has outstanding heel support, outsoles, sock liners, and mesh upper. This is included with the rubber sole, which provides excellent grip, making them good running shoes.


Therefore we arrive at a valid assumption, taking into consideration the design and reviews made by the majority of the consumers who indicate that Vans skateboarding shoes are pretty heavier than specialized running shoes and the midsoles in Vans are not ideal for this type of movement since they are pretty stiff which can cause soreness in your feet.

Some skaters stated that they had been wearing Vans shoes nearly every day, even after setting down the skateboard 15 years ago, and they sometimes wear vans for short runs without any issues.

However, Classic Vans are not designed for running, instead of for skating. They are purposefully fabricated for specific athletes instead of track runners.

However, in the case of Runner VANS footwear, it can be said otherwise since it was produced for the sole purpose of providing runners with a reliable base to exert force upon during short or long runs, So it is

In conclusion, we can say that both are great in their category and fulfills all the requirements in their specialized fields. But they should not be mixed; classic VANS are made to comprehensively cater to skaters’ needs and should not be used otherwise. The same can be said for Runners footwear by VANS.

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