Are Vans Good for Flat Feet? The Truth!

Are Vans Good for Flat Feet?

A person with flat feet struggles to find a pair of shoes with the perfect silhouette. Vans shoes achieved widespread fame with their broad shoes compared to other footwear brands. With many styles, Vans never derailed from making them spacious, snug, and comfortable- no matter how wide or tick the wearer’s feet are.

Vans created several styles for all weather and terrain. Some types have inner padding and insoles, which people misinterpret as a sign of the shoes being narrow. However, Vans fabricated all styles while considering the snug fit and standard shoe sizing. Hence, Vans shoes are proper for all feet, including flat feet.

Are Vans Really Good for Flat Feet?

Vans shoes are suitable for flat feet for their design: spacious toe room, mid-width sole, and thin insolation. Vans shoes’ shoelaces, adjustable straps, and ankle gap (for Slip On style) made them the best choice for flat feet.

You can wear Vans shoes without a problem if you have flat feet. These shoes will save your feet from an ailment like- bunion, callouses, swollen feet, and so on.

What to Consider before buying shoes for flat feet?

Flat feet are more vulnerable to injury and discomfort compared to standard feet. The appropriate pair of shoes give the wearer immunity from damages. So, a person with flat feet should assess a few aspects of shoe structure to get the perfect fitting.


A smooth and thin insole protects flat feet from pain and discomfort. Some footwear brands design insoles with uneven curves; it results in severe damage to the wearer’s feet. 

Arch Support

Are Vans Good for Flat Feet? The Truth!

Flat feet don’t have the arch on the top part of the feet only- contrary to the normal feet with angles on both top and bottom. Hence, the foot is thicker, easily cramped inside a shoe. Proper inner padding and narrow insole ensure arch support that revokes the chance of damages to the wearer.

Toe Room

The toes and balls of the feet bear the full load of a person when they walk—narrow shoe cramps the toes, leading to immense pressure on the front part of the feet.

You should purchase shoes with big toe boxes to prevent long-term damages. 

Vans styles perfect for flat feet

Vans gained immense fame with their mid-width sole design for all styles. The shoes are roomy enough to house flat feet with comfort. Here are a few Vans shoe types that are popular among people with flat feet:


Vans Authentic
Vans Checkerboard Authentic

Vans created the Authentic style with shoelaces and a low-top design. These two aspects make sure a person with flat feet can adjust the laces according to their requirements, whereas the ankles will be free of any rubbing. 


Vans Era
Vans OG Era LX

Vans Era shoes have inner and outer padding. It ensures the high-top Era doesn’t hurt the wearer’s ankles during extended wear. The flat outsole and spacious toe box made it the top choice for flat feet. 

Old Skool

Vans Old skool
Vans Old Skool Yacht Club

Vans Old Skool shoes come in both shoelaces and adjustable straps (Old Skool V). So, the wearer can change the thickness as per necessity. Also, Vans Old Skool Shoes have padded collars, broad toe caps, and an outsole appropriate for flat feet. 


Vans UltraRange
Ultrarange Exo vans

UltraRange offers several styles: UltraRange EXO, UltraRange Rapidweld, UltraRange Gore (Slip On style), etc. All Vans UltraRange shoes have a generous ankle gap, outsole with an all-terrain grip, and inner padding for comfort. These shoes are spacious enough to house flat feet without damaging them.

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Vans Platform
Vans Platform

Vans Platform shoes come in both Slip On and lace-up styles. The flat heels are even and provide a height boost of 1.5 inches while ensuring equal load distribution on the feet- perfect for a person with flat feet. 


Vans Comfycush
Vans Comfycush

Vans created ComfyCush with inner and outer padding to achieve comfort for extended wear. The inner padding was designed so that it doesn’t decrease the space for toes- making them appropriate for flat feet. The padding around the ankles ensures freedom during sports like BMS, skateboarding, and running. 

How to pick the Vans shoe style appropriate for flat feet?

Vans has numerous styles with different structures. Before picking out Vans for flat feet, you should do proper research. Vans website provides sizing charts in US, UK, European standards, and even centimeters. As the size stays true to the chart, you can purchase shoes in your general sizing. 

As for the perfect styles, all Vans shoes fit everyone with the first attempt except for the MTE shoes. MTE shoes have heavy padding and insolation to withstand harsh terrain and foul weather. Wearing it for the first time might be challenging, but it gets easier to walk on Vans MTE shoes after wearing them a few times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the shoe width and depth with Vans custom?

Vans customization option comes with these things only so far: color, pattern, fabric, and style. Vans don’t provide size customization as shoes of all kinds are spacious enough to house any feet.

You cannot customize the width and depth of Vans shoes with Custom.

How does Vans MTE fit flat feet?

Vans launched the MTE line for foul weather (rain, snow), sports (surfing, snowshoeing), and extreme terrain (mountains, puddles, mud). Vans designed MTE boots with padding and insolation (3mm). 

Hence, the shoe might seem stiff and uncomfortable for the first time. As the design ensured the standard sizing while considering the padding, a person with flat feet can easily wear them after the initial struggle.  

Do Vans shoes provide arch support on flat feet?

Vans crafted all of their shoe styles with flat insoles and even upper layer (patented as zero drops)—the insoles and inner padding guard the curves of the feet. Therefore, Vans shoes provide arch support on flat feet. 

Can I wear ComfyCush with flat feet?

 Vans ComfyCush shoes have inner and outer padding to ensure the highest level of support for the wearer. The bulky outlook often creates a misunderstanding of the shoes being narrow inside. However, the padding was taken into account while designing the shoe sizes. 

So, you can wear Vans ComfyCush with flat feet. The padding will protect your feet from long-term ailments like bunions, nerve damage, and bone deformity. 

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