How Do Vans Slip-On Fit?

How Do Vans Slip-On Fit?

For skateboarding or casual wear on campus or workplace, Vans shoes have been reigning in the market for a long time. If you already have some of these cool pairs in your closet, you may know that Vans sizing is quite consistent with other popular shoe brands. If you have not tried Vans yet or are worried about how Vans slip-on fits, this article will help you to get a clear understanding of its sizing.

Are Vans Slip-On True To Size?

When I wanted to try it for the first time, I was also unsure of how Vans slip-on fits. But like other classic Vans shoes, Vans slip-ons are true to size. These shoes do not usually run smaller or larger than a standard shoe.

For example, many popular Adidas shoes have a similar fit to Vans slip-on shoes but some of them have a slightly snugger fit. Therefore, you can go confidently with your regular shoe size with these slip-ons.

Vans shoe sizes are designed following the US standard. If you are outside the US, you can easily know the UK, European or Mexican equivalent sizes from the conversion chart of Vans.

What Should You Do If Vans Slip-On Run Smaller Or Bigger?

How Do Vans Slip-On Fit?

Vans Slip-On shoes are designed to fit snugly, so they are a little smaller. Therefore, they can be felt tight initially. However, they will loosen and stretch out soon to ensure comfortable wear. They are true to size. So don’t worry if you find them a bit tighter on the first go.

These slip-ons come in half sizes for the size US 11 or below. So, if you use US 11 size for other shoes, US 11 Vans slip-on can be a bit tighter for you. In that case, you can get a half size up (US 11. 5) Vans slip-on.

The US 12 and larger Van slip-ons come only in full sizes. So, for the sizes from US 12 and above, you may fall between two standard sizes. In that case, you should try a size up instead of a size down.

If a US 12 size shoe of another brand has been a bit snugger for your feet, you would better choose a 12.5 Vans slip-on for comfortable wear. However, if you feel that your feet still do not perfectly fit in size 12.5 (a bit looser), a pair of insoles can come in handy to solve your problem.

Will Socks Help To Fit Vans Slip-On Snugly?

If your Vans slip-on feels a bit looser, you can wear socks. However, you can wear these slip-on style shoes with or without socks. They are padded inside nicely so you can go comfortably also without socks.

If you are buying a Vans slip-on for skateboarding, you will not want to wear socks with them either. Therefore, for high-performance skate shoes like these slip-ons, it is necessary to get an accurate size.

Do Vans Slip-Ons Fit On Wider Feet?

Like many other Vans shoes, Vans slip-ons are designed in a way that fits snugly on your feet. Because for skateboarding you will want a shoe that will not tend to slip off. But if you have a wider foot, Vans will not let you leave with bare feet!

For the customers with wider feet, Vans has a custom page where you can customize the shoe size along with the colors, patterns, and other designs before ordering. If you have wider feet, you can choose up to 18.0 sizes for men and 19.5 sizes for women.

Vans Slip-On Vs. Other Popular Shoe Brands Sizing

Though Vans slip-on fits quite true to size, for their snugly fitted design they may differ in size from the other well-known brands. Usually, they come in a similar size or a bit snugger than the other brands. So, if you are currently using some other popular shoes, have a look at this table for a better understanding of Vans Slip-on’s sizing.

Other BrandsVans Slip-Ons
Nike Cortez ShoeA little tighter
Converse ChuckHalf-size larger
Converse One StarsNoticeably looser
Converse Pro LeathersSimilar fit
Nike BlazerSimilar fit
Nike Air MaxA bit looser
Adidas BusenitzSimilar fit
Adidas GazelleA bit looser (Neglectable)
Adidas NizzaSimilar fit
Adidas SambaSimilar fit
Adidas SuperstarsA bit looser
How Will You Know Your Exact Shoe Size?


How Will You Know Your Exact Shoe Size?

You need to know the exact measurement of your foot to get a pair of a snuggly fitted slip-on. With a ruler take a measurement (in cm) of the distance of your longest toe (not essentially your thumbs) and the back of your heel. On the sizing conversion chart of Vans shoes, you will find the suitable shoe size for your measurement (in cm).


Like the other Vans shoes, Vans slip-ons fit nicely on the feet. So, even if you have not tried any Vans slip-on pair yet, do not worry about how they will fit. Go confidently for the size you usually wear for other Vans shoes or the above-mentioned brands of similar sizing.

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