What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

You are probably all set to hop into the new Crocs trend that is filled all over 2022. You know what you want your Crocs for, and you are all set to purchase them. But, you are probably wondering: what color Crocs should I get?

Choosing the right color for your shoes is just as important as choosing the right outfit. The type of shoes you wear tells a lot about you, and so do their colors.

Fashion has changed all over these years, and now, men are not left out with just black and blue. There are tons of colors out there that men and women wear, not just according to their genders but also to express themselves in a certain way.

If you keep wondering about the question, what color Crocs should I buy, your puzzled time is over now.

Keep reading to know more about best color Crocs for men and women, what color Crocs go with everything, how you can choose the right color and how the color of your Crocs tells so much about your personality!

Best Colors of Crocs Available For Guys

Chocolate and Slate Grey Clogs

Chocolate has to be one of the most preferred colors for men these days. It is not too loud and will make your overall look put together and straightforward.

Slate grey is also trendy among men when they are trying to have a fun yet formal look.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)
What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

Realtree V2 (Camo) Clogs

Realtree V2 Camo Crocs have unique patterns on them that almost give a retro vibe. I love the ones I own, and they are my go-to for going to parties. They are an excellent option for going out on casual occasions. You will never regret keeping them in your collection.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

Men’s Santa Cruz Slip-On

You can’t get fancier when you are wearing the Santa Cruz Crocs. They are classy and come in elegant colors like navy, espresso, charcoal, and khaki.

Other than these colors, there are more. You can never go wrong with black. The black classic clogs are super sleek, and you can wear them with almost anything. The white classic clogs are also terrific and chic to make your style look cleaner.

Are you confused about how to stand out in your regular jacket and jeans? Your worrying ends now. Men have a variety of choices in the colors of Crocs now. You can choose any color mentioned below to match your outfit and make your look extraordinary.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

Besides, there are so many other options that really add fun to your look and make your style pop. You can choose among:

• Ballerina Pink

• Electric Pink

• Ice Blue

• Cobalt

• Dark Green

• Lavender

• Pink Lemonade

• Bright Lemon

These are some of the best color Crocs for guys. If you are a man and in a fix regarding what color Crocs should you buy, I hope you jave got some ideas now.

All these colors will look super cool if you match them with the colors of your outfit.

What Are The Best Colors Of Crocs Available For Women Today?

Crocs will look super cute with your skirts, dresses, or any tomboy outfit and colorful socks. You can choose from any of the colors and styles below, and you will be ready to be out there in the new trend of wearing fun Crocs. There are even neutral color Crocs.

Black and White Crocs Classic Clogs

Both of these colors are so simple yet so elegant. With your go-to classic clog, you can choose any of these colors if you are not looking for anything dramatic but still want to be a part of the Crocs community.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)
What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

Women’s Reviva Flip Flops

The Reviva flip flops are breathable and comfortable for a casual look. They are available in many cool colors like cobblestone, blue mineral, purple, navy, and black.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

Women’s Kadee Flats

The Kadee flats are so lightweight and elegant. They fit well with your feet. You can get these in almost any color you can imagine. Poppy, purple, navy, black, red, and nearly all the other colors are available for this style. They are ballerina-inspired Crocs and look fantastic with skirts and dresses.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

LiteRide Pacer

I am a genuine Cocs lover, and the LiteRide Pacer Crocs are my go-to if I am looking for something in the sneaker category. You can choose from the following colors as they are all super posh and sporty. The first color is the color of the top part, and the second denotes the color of the sole.

Ø Army Green/White

Ø Black/Black

Ø Black/White

Ø Black/Camo

Ø Navy/White

Ø Cobblestone/White

Ø Lime/White

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

Both men and women can wear these, and there is also a bunch of other colors available, but these are my favorites. I personally love the Black/Camo ones as they are unique and look great with my jeans.

Grey LiteRide Crocs Are In!

The Grey LiteRide Crocs are in but not as a fancy or fun-looking item in your closet. They are preferred for wearing with something casual yet formal. Both men and women like this shade to wear in the office or interviews. It is such a versatile shade that it will go with almost any colored outfit you are wearing, starting from blues and blacks to reds and yellows. So these are our recommendations for women after explaining best color crocs for guys above.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

What Color Crocs Go with Everything?

If you are looking for a color you can wear daily with almost everything, neutral color Crocs are for you. You can try black, navy, or brown as it blends in with nearly every look. Or, you can always try the grey LiteRide Crocs to end your hassle. But neutral color Crocs beat everyone in this race. Now you know the answer of what color crocs go with everything.

How To Find The Best Shoe Color For Me?

At first, ask yourself that what is the occasion? Where are you going to wear the shoes? How do you want to present yourself?

Yes, I know it is very obvious, but I can’t stop saying that you can’t go wrong with black. Black or darker shades usually stand for a more serious and intelligent look. You can pair dark-colored shoes like black and blue with a neutral-colored outfit, and no one can stop you from looking like the smarty-pants you are.

With the classic crocs, you can experiment with colors without a doubt. They look so delightful that you will always want to try them in different colors. They are great for outdoor activities like boating and fishing. You can just put on a bright shade of Crocs like orange and yellow crocs with any fun flowery or Hawaiian pattern shirts to look bold.

If you are afraid to play with the colors but still want to get out of your boring comfort zone, neutral colors are all yours. Dark green, chocolate, tan, army patterns, etc., are going to make your shoes pop without attracting any weird stares.

I hope you have now got the answer to your query i.e what color Crocs should I get.

Now let’s explore what color crocs match with everything.

Best Crocs Color with Jeans

Crocs with jeans are the ultimate cool look you can try. It makes you look like you are chilled out yet, you know what you are talking about. If you are confused about what color Crocs will look best on your jeans, hear me out.

What color jeans will you be wearing? If they are colorful fun-looking jeans, pair them with the matching colored Crocs. If you are keeping it safe and wearing dark jeans, pair them with the neutral color Crocs. The classic Crocs will look incredible with this look. Try the ones in black, chocolate, or navy. You can try the Crocs sneakers as well if you want to add some extra effort to the look.

Crocs with Jeans

What Does Your Crocs Color Say About You?

It is pretty evident that not everyone will like the same colors of Crocs. Some people prefer bright red ones, whereas some people find it comfortable to stick to neutral colors. Which ones do you like?

The colors you prefer to wear say a lot about your personality. I know I might be stereotyping, but stereotypes are still based on some truth. Even if they are not, what’s wrong with finding out what your Croc colors say about you?

Bright Colors – Red, Yellow, or Orange

You guys are the lives of parties. You are fun to be around and always want to stand out in a crowd. You are full of life and love to wear fun colors.

Cool Colors – Baby Pink or Ice Blue

You are a very bubbly person who stays basic but still has a classy fashion sense. You probably love being on your own, and the calm colors of your Crocs reflect that about your personality.

Hot Pink

Let me guess, you bought the hot pink Crocs after you saw how Nicki Minaj went viral with her hot pink Crocs all over the internet. You find it very easy to make friends, and you don’t care what others think about you. You are obsessed with yourself, and you are very lively and fun. You probably follow all the mainstream rappers out there on social media.

Black, White, or Neutral Colors

You are playing it safe. You want to fit in new trends but not by stepping out of your comfort zone. You have a great fashion sense, and you probably like being fancy.

Last But Definitely Not The Least – Glitter Crocs!

Do I even have to say how savage you are? You don’t care if your glitter Crocs attract any opinion or demand attention. You love being extra, and you are great at it. You believe in the term YOLO, so you are living your life to the fullest. You don’t worry about people saying that glitter Crocs are for kids.

… Frequently Asked Questions …

1. What is the best color Crocs shoes to wear with my olive/green pants?

This one can be a little tricky. You can wear the green camo Crocs if you are really looking forward to doing a matching look. The brown Crocs will also look great as a complementary color.

2. What are the best Crocs color for my brown pants?

You can play it cool and wear matching brown or chocolate Crocs. It will make you look organized. If you want your Crocs to pop, wear the white ones. It will add a chic vibe to your look.

What Color Crocs Should I Get? (Explained for Beginners)

3. What are the best Crocs shoe colors to use with my black pants?

If I am wearing black pants, I like to go all black. I can’t feel fancier when I wear my black pants with my black tee and black Crocs. Trust me; all black is one of the best looks you can try on.

4. Are bright and vivid colored Crocs also available?

Crocs are available in almost any color you can think of. The company is there to fulfill everyone’s demand in terms of colors and comfort. Starting from matt to shimmer to glitter, a bunch of shades and styles are available.

5. Do the colors of Crocs fade easily?

Crocs are made of high-quality materials that can hold the color for years. You will never find anyone complaining about the fading of color of their Crocs.

What Color Crocs Should I Get (Summary)

I hope this guide is helpful for you to decide what color Crocs should you get and styles you want in your Crocs. All you have to do is to determine the way you want to present yourself.

If you want to play safe, buy neutral color Crocs that go with everything. Crocs are very fun to wear with unlimited options to choose from. Buy crocs now if you haven’t already and see yourself fall in love with their collection. Take care of them regularly to make them look great and be aware of fake Crocs!

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