Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? | The Truth!

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? | The Truth!

I bet you are a Crocs fan mainly because of the incredible comfort they offer. Who doesn’t love it when their shoes are both comfy and secure? But are Crocs supposed to be loose? Do Crocs stretch out over time? How do I tighten my Crocs if I find them loose or how to stretch out Crocs in case I find them tight?

If these are the questions running in your mind, bear with me. I have tried to address all of them.

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? Crocs Fitting

Are Crocs meant to be loose? No, Crocs shoes are supposed to fit just right enough so that they don’t come off of your feet easily. They are secure, but their breathable design and super soft material (Croslite) do not make you feel like your feet are restricted.

However, some people do like their Crocs to fit a bit loosely. But you don’t want your Crocs to be extra loose. It can make you change your stride due to the discomfort, and constant consciousness of feeling like your shoes will come off. You will feel less clumsy if your Crocs shoes hug your feet comfortably.

I own a vast collection of Crocs, and I tend to feel very uncomfortable when wearing loose Crocs. I prefer my Crocs to fit just about right to have a confident and comfortable gait.

I believe you now know the answer to your query i.e Are crocs supposed to be loose? But what if you find them fit loose?

What Can I Do If My Crocs Are Too Loose?

Should Crocs be loose? No is the answer. You either bought the wrong Crocs size, or your Crocs stretched over time. Now, the only things left for you to do are either throw them in the closet forever or make them shrink back.

For me, it is always to find ways to fix my Crocs. I love my Crocs collection, and I have grown an attachment to it on a certain level as I wear them so much. Whether it is to run errands or to go hang out with my friends, Crocs have always been my go-to.

Since I wear them so much, I started to feel that some of my Crocs stretched out a little bit after a few years. Indeed, Crocs are very durable and long-lasting. A pair of Crocs shoes can hold its integrity for almost six years. But there are a few types of Crocs that tend to loosen up a little, but after 2 to 3 years. Crocs can also feel loose for broken or loosened straps.

Some people like their Crocs better when they loosen up. They feel more comfortable. But, I always need my shoes to fit my feet properly. Crocs are made of such lightweight material that you won’t feel any restrictions when they are hugging your feet.

Even if you like to wear Crocs that are loose, there can be a point where you feel like your Crocs are too loose. You can’t just let them be. It can make your stride weird and uncomfortable. That is when you have to know a few tricks to make your Crocs tight again.

Can I Tighten My Crocs?

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? | The Truth!

Yes, I can tighten my Crocs because of their design and material. You can try several different methods that are super easy to shrink your Crocs or tighten them. Reshaping your Crocs is simple because of how flexible Croslite is. Croslite is the primary material that makes the Crocs so lightweight, durable, and flexible.

You can try shrinking your Crocs shoes by either putting them in warm water for a while or putting them in the dryer. If you want to use the warm water method, just take warm water in a pot that can fit your Crocs and dip your Crocs in the water. Take it out after a minute and let your Crocs dry. They should shrink up a little bit by the end of this procedure.

I know it sounds a bit risky to put your Crocs in hot water. Many people are afraid of melting their Crocs in this way. This is why the dryer method becomes a savior in such cases. All you have to do is, place your Crocs in the dryer with a couple of old towels for a few minutes. The towels are necessary to act as a protective barrier for the Crocs. The dryer will shrink your Crocs just enough.

Sometimes your Crocs feel loose only because of the strap. The strap of Crocs tends to be a little lighter than the rest of the shoe. This makes the straps easy to slacken up. You can look out for the rivets. The rivets sometimes need to be fixed or replaced. Try using the Chicago bolts to tighten them back. You can also try replacing the straps.

If you want to replace the straps, you must know that Crocs company won’t be helpful here. They don’t sell straps separately, so you have to look for them in shops like eBay. Other detachable straps will do the job just fine.

I guess you have now decent ideas on the query, Are crocs supposed to be loose? Even if you find them loose, you know how to tackle them. Let’s explore what to do if you find them tight.

Do Crocs Stretch?

Are Crocs Supposed to be tight? Again the answer is No. But if you find them tight, can you stretch your Crocs? Or do Crocs even stretch?

Crocs are made of the material known as Crostile which is very flexible in nature. Because of it, Crocs can stretch. Moreover, you know some techniques of how to stretch out Crocs, and you can easily make your Crocs bigger. We have written an article name how to unshrink Crocs which mainly discusses these ideas. You can check it out.

Why Do Crocs Have Two Sizes?

Crocs have two sizes that are M and W. The M size is for men, and the W size is for women. The reason behind separating the sizes for men and women is because their feet are structured differently. Crocs sizing also gave a unisex size chart for both men and women.

The sizes are designed in a way that if a shoe is labeled as M8, it will only fit a man with size 8 but not a woman with size 8. The exact Crocs size for women will be labeled differently.

This detailed sizing system helps people to avoid buying the wrong Crocs size. People have more information about the proper size and the proper length. Buying the right size of Crocs is very important as Croslite is very flexible, so it can shrink and stretch pretty easily. You can also choose from the roomy, relaxed, and standard fit of Crocs to meet your preferences.

How To Choose The Size Of The Right Crocs For You?

Before you proceed to buy Crocs, you must know a little bit about the sizes. Crocs sizing have size charts that are different for different locations. The sizes for the UK, USA, and EU, are different from each other.

The sizes can also be different for different styles of Crocs. You will get sizes for children, juveniles, men, and women. For example, you will find sizes written as M8, W5, J9, C12, etc. The initials are taken to denote the sizes. For unisex sizes, you will find them written as M4/W5 depending on the size of the feet of men and women.

It will help if you also consider the fitting of the Crocs before buying them. You can buy the roomy fit for wide feet, the relaxed fit for a comfortable hugging pair of Crocs, and the standard-fit for a secure fit Crocs. You have to find out which fit lets you feel like your foot rests comfortably. If interested, you can check our article, Crocs for wide feet.

You can always use an old pair of your shoes as a guide. After all, your old shoes know your feet the best! Use your best-fitting shoes as a guide to buying your new comfy Crocs. If you are buying Crocs for the first time, you can just use your regular shoe size. The best thing would be to go into the stores to try on some Crocs and buy them to know your size. But, if you are shopping online, you can use your regular shoe size while considering your location.

Hacks on How To Enjoy Using Your Crocs

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? | The Truth!

If you wear Crocs, you already know the endless benefits they have to offer. They are super comfy, lightweight, sleek, and what not? But, learning a few easy peasy tricks will make your experience even more fabulous! Keep reading to know some life-changing hacks that will make your experience with maintaining your Crocs to the next level.

Dashboard Polish

My white classic clogs are one of my favorite Crocs, but I always felt like walking on eggshells while wearing them. I was super anxious about getting them dirty. They used to get dirty in no time!

Better late than never, I discovered the dashboard polish. All you have to do is wash them properly with soap, a soft scrubber, and water, and then use the dashboard polish. It will not only protect your Crocs from getting dirty but also bring out the shine and brightness of the material.

Once you have used the dashboard polish on your Crocs, you are good to go for months. You only have to clean them using a towel once in a while, and you will see them shine like a new pair of Crocs shoes.


Yes, you read that right, Jibbitz and charms are the new cool accessories to decorate your beautiful Crocs. You can also use Jibbitz and customize names as part of the decoration. Don’t worry, they are really cheap—just about $30. You can make your Crocs even more fun with a little bit of effort using Jibbitz.

Protector Sprays

Do you tend to use a single pair of shoes very often? Protector sprays are handy for shoes that go through harsh conditions on a daily basis. They are prone to wearing off and tearing. Protector sprays create a barrier over your Crocs and prevent them from wearing off. I have been a true fan of this hack ever since I discovered it. It has been two years, and my Crocs still look intact!

Wearing Hack

This hack is not about externally using anything on or with your Crocs. This hack is all about the way you wear your Crocs. The way you wear your shoes affects a lot on your experience. You have to make sure the size of your Crocs is perfect for you. Loose or tight Crocs can make your stride terrible. Try Crocs that let your toes wiggle freely in the front of the shoe and shoe walls will comfortably hug the sides of your feet. Good arch support is very important for your feet.

I know you have come here to know the answer to the question, Are crocs supposed to be loose? But let me take you to the next part related to caring for your Crocs.

How Long Will Crocs Last?

Don’t let the lightweight feature of Crocs fool you. Crocs are very long-lasting and can last up to 5 years if taken care of properly. Crocs are designed with durable and comfortable material. My old Crocs still look great in terms of shine and texture. Some even look as good as new. All you have to do is maintain them properly, and they will be by your side in the long run.

What Should I Do To Keep My Crocs In Great Working Conditions?

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? | The Truth!

I have a great collection of shoes. Starting from Tennis Shoes and Sneakers to Boots and Converse, I love them all. But, I must say that Crocs are the easiest type of shoes in terms of maintenance. My other shoes take a bit more effort to maintain. Their material is so easy to clean, and with the hacks mentioned above, it becomes easier to keep them spotless.

You should use a few easy tips to help you make your Crocs last long and look intact for a long time.

• Avoid prolonged exposure to the Sun

No, I am not saying you can’t wear them under the Sun. But, wearing them during a sunny day is different from leaving them under the scorching Sun for all day. Overexposure to heat can lead your Crocs to shrink and lose their integrity.

•Wash them in the right way

Avoid washing machines when it comes to cleaning your Crocs. It can often ruin your shoes. Use soap and a sponge and wash your Crocs with room temperature water.

•You can’t thoroughly wash all types of Crocs

When it comes to leather Crocs, could you not wash them at all? It can make the material wear off. Instead, just use a damp sponge to wipe them.

•Use cleaning products carefully

Some cleaning solvents have chemicals that ruin the glue of shoes. Avoid using such products to protect your Crocs from getting damaged.

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are Crocs expensive? Are they worth the money?

Crocs last longer than most of the other types of shoes out there and require minimum maintenance. They are known for offering the utmost comfort. Now, you answer me if they are worth the money. Of course, they are! You are getting a bunch of desirable features that are supposed to be costly.

Are Crocs Supposed to Be Loose? | The Truth!

Do Crocs mess up your feet?

Crocs can mess up your feet if you don’t buy the correct size. Crocs that are too tight can deform your toes, and loose Crocs can mess up your stride. Just buy the proper size to avoid these issues. Proper size Crocs give good arch support. Croc shoes with a secure fit are great for flat feet. If you have blisters wearing Crocs, you can wear socks to prevent blisters.

What can I clean my Crocs with?

A sponge and mild soap work like a charm to clean your Crocs. For leather Crocs, you sho

uld just wipe them with a damp sponge and use a leather cream to retain its shine.

How to make fuzzy Crocs fuzzy again?

Some Crocs shoes have removable fuzzy liners, while others are permanently attached. You have to wash the liners carefully to retain their fuzziness. Use a few drops of dish soap and a sponge to scrub off the stains. Rinse them with water and let them air dry. Your Crocs will stay fuzzy and soft.

Do Crocs get bigger as you wear them?

Crocs can both shrink and stretch out because of the flexible material it is made of. Tight Crocs stretch more than the proper size Crocs. Crocs that fit your feet comfortably take years to stretch out. Crocs can also shrink under heat.


So are Crocs supposed to be loose? You know the answer now.

You also have to understand ways and hacks about Crocs to comfortably fit in the new Crocs trend just the way Crocs comfortably fit your feet. Buying the right size, maintaining them, and cleaning them properly are all a few effortless ways to make the most out of the money you spent on your stylish Crocs. But don’t forget to enjoy wearing different styles and patterns of Crocs shoes to express your fashion sense in a unique manner.

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