7 Ways to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners!

7 Ways to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners!

Shoes like Yeezy foam runners may fit tight for some people. If your Yeezy foam runners fit too tight, you may wonder if and how you can stretch your Yeezy shoes. That’s what this article is about.

First of all, you should not get shoes that fit too tight. I know sometimes it gets impossible to resist shoes like Yeezy foam runners. So, what do you do? 

I’m here to tell you how you can stretch your favorite Yeezy so you don’t have to wear a tight one. Let’s get started.

Will Yeezy Foam Runners Stretch?

Yeezy foam runners stretch a little bit if you wear them long enough. I wore a Yeezy daily for 3 months. During this time, the shoe stretched slightly. But is this stretch enough? My pair was good-fitting already. So, it was okay for me. But if your ones are too tight, this stretch will not be enough.

How to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners?

Yeezy foam runners are made of super comfortable and stretchy foam materials. You can definitely stretch them. Here are some methods to stretch your Yeezy foam runner. You can choose whichever you like.

1. Take Your Shoe to A Cobbler

You shouldn’t get shoes specifically to repair them. But sometimes it becomes necessary to get the right fit. If your Yeezy foam runner is not stretched enough, you can take it to a cobbler. 

Tell the cobbler your fit requirements. He will be able to change the shoe’s fitting with a stretching machine. Yeezy foam runners can be stretched both length-wise and width-wise with the help of a stretching machine.

7 Ways to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners!

2. Use a Special Spray

There are special kinds of sprays for stretching foam shoes. These sprays work best on leather, suede and canvas materials. Yeezy foam runners may not stretch much with this kind of spray. You can still try and see if they work. 

This method did not work well for me. But some people said this method worked for them. There are other methods of stretching your Yeezy foam runners. You should try them.

shoe stretcher spray

[Important: I am not recommending you buy a new spray for stretching your Yeezy foam runners. If you already have a stretching spray at home, you can try it on Yeezy foam shoes.]

3. Wear Socks

The easiest fix to stretch out Adidas’s Yeezy foam runners is to wear socks with them. A pair of socks will help to stretch the shoe into shape. Get a thick pair of socks, wear them and walk around for a bit. This will stretch the shoe. Hopefully, after a couple of walks, you will get the desired level of stretch.

7 Ways to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners!

4. Break the Shoe In

If your Yeezy foam runner is new, you should wear it for a while to break it in. If you are not comfortable with the fit, you should not risk going out wearing it. You need to wear the Yeezy foam runners and walk wearing them around the house. This may relax the shoe material and it may become more comfortable. When the shoes are stretched out, you can take them outside.

5. Freeze the Shoe

Yes, you heard me right. If you put your shoes in the freezer, there is a chance that they will get stretched. But you just can’t shove your Yeezy foam runners straight into the freezer. You need some protection against water damage. Stretching shoes is a much easier job compared to dealing with water damage.

First, you need to stuff your shoes with tightly sealed bags filled with water. Make sure the shoes are tight enough in the direction you want to stretch them. This is the best freezing method for stretching your shoe.

You need to wait until the water inside the bag is completely frozen. After passing a short thawing period, throw the ice bags away. By this time, your Yeezy foam runners should have more space. 

7 Ways to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners!

6. Heat up The Shoe

If one method does not work for you, another one will. This method is a bit simpler compared to the freezing method. You don’t have to wait long for the water bags to freeze. 

Start by wearing a pair of thick socks. If you wear thin socks, the shoes will not stretch properly and you will feel the heat while heating up the shoe. After that, point a hair dryer at the tightest points of the shoe. 

Now, blast a bit of high heat at the shoes while wiggling your feet slightly. Be a bit patient and continue the process slowly. This method will gradually loosen up the material of the shoe and give you stretch. Keep doing this until you have gotten the desired amount of stretch.

A piece of advice- don’t overheat your shoe. If you keep heating your shoe for a long time, the shoe material may get damaged.

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7. Use a Blow Dryer

If you are worried about messing up your shoe with the hair dryer method, you can apply the blow dryer method. This method works well for most foam shoes including the Yeezy foam runners. Here’s how you can do it.

Get a blow dryer and dry the inside and outside of the shoe for about 30-40 seconds. While using the dryer constantly move the shoe and especially around the areas you want to stretch. After that, wear double or triple socks for maximum expansion and wear the shoe. If you want a less aggressive stretch, wear fewer socks. It’s that simple.

7 Ways to Stretch Yeezy Foam Runners!

Now, you need to walk around your house all day wearing the shoe. However, this method is a bit hectic. You may need to blow dry your shoes every 2 hours. If you do this, the foam runners will gradually conform to the shape of your feet and you will get the desired amount of stretch.

You can also put shoe trees inside the shoe after blow drying. You can add some thick socks to it to make the stretching process faster. Blow dry the shoe every night and put some good shoe trees inside of the shoe overnight. If you keep repeating this process, you will get the required fit gradually.

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Adidas’s Yeezy foam runners are unbelievably comfortable and have a competitive price. The shoes may fit tight for some people. In that case, you need to stretch the shoes in the direction you need. You can follow the methods I have discussed in this article. Hopefully, you will find these tips useful. Thanks for reading.

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