Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)

Jordan 3 vs 4

The Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 4 are two of the most iconic sneakers that ever came out.  Few sneakers have a longer history than Air Jordan 3 and Jordan 4.

The Aj 3 brought about a revolution unmatched by any sneaker in the past. It had a number of never seen features and was made for the NBA superstar Michael Jordan. It was wearing these shoes that he achieved some of the greatest milestones in his career.

In the 2000s and early 2010s, retros and updated colorways strayed far from their initial grandeur, with notable variations in materials, quality, and even packaging. But the 1988 original sneakers still remain a must have for shoe enthusiasts till this date.

Today we compare the Air Jordan 3 with the next installment in the Jordan line, the retro Air Jordan 4.


The Jordan 3 first came out in 1988 and was instantly sensational for its design and upgrades from the previous Jordans. Michael Jordan along with designers like Tinker Hatfield came out with a shoe that was incredible in its design and performance.

The Jordan 3 and 4 were the first shoes to sport the visible air pockets on the sole of the shoe. The iconic elephant print was also debuted and was continued in all the color ways.

The silhouette of Michael Jordan that we see as the famous jumpman logo was also added on the Jordan 3.

Both silhouettes have become synonymous with Michael Jordan’s career and the Jordan Brand.

Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)

While each shoe has seen its fair number of retros and fresh colorways, sneakerheads are continuously finding themselves going to great lengths to get hold of both of these iconic shoes.


Air Jordan 3

For all the outward glory and excitement about the shoe, there was no compromise in the quality and comfort provided by the Air Jordan 3. As the shoes were originally made to be worn by Michael Jordan on the court, the shoes are very comfortable for everyday use as well as for athletic purposes.

The soft leather upper gives the shoe support and comfort. It also has an air pocket and rubber sole so the shoe is lighter and gives you flexibility.

Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 is also extremely comfortable and is suited for everyday use. But the Air Jordan 4 Retro shoes are more suitable for streetwear than the courts.

The shoes have a solid rubber sole and padding around the upper and midsole that hugs your feet, making them even more comfortable.

Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)
Jordan 3 & Jordan 4

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Air Jordan 3

The Jordan 3 shoes are usually true to their size. Based on user experience, you’re recommended to buy your usual size.

If you have especially wide feet you may go up a size. The shoe fits perfectly in most cases and is available from sizes 6 to 13 for men and sizes 4 to 11 for women. If you are confused about your shoe size you can just visit one of the stores or take a test online from home!

Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)

Air Jordan 4

Jordan 4 shoes are available in US size 6 to 13 for men in stores and independent retailers. And for women the size chart runs from US size 4 to 11

The Jordan 4 is usually true to size. But if you have narrow feet you can go half a size down or just remove the insole. Once you break in the shoes, they loosen up a bit and might get more comfortable.


Air Jordan 3

The Jordans brought in a lot of ‘first-evers’ in the Nike shoe game. It was the first shoe to feature the visible air pockets and the suede elephant print which became so iconic to the Jordan line later.

The material and composition of the shoe is given below:

  • Upper full-grain leather with leather trim
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Solid rubber outsole
Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)

Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 pretty much continued with the same composition as the Jordan 3. High quality nubuck leather was used to build this shoe.

  • Smooth leather upper
  • Nubuck leather midsole of thick padding
  • Rubber outsole


Air Jordan3

When it came to style and design the Air jordan 3 was unprecedented. But the makers did not compromise with the quality and durability off the shoe. The shoes had the NIke padding along the collar and thick sole to provide maximum support.

The shoes were also made from high-grade synthetic leather upper. The material was a combination of natural, synthetic and nutbuck leather to provide extended durability.

Air Jordan 4

Hatfield’s technological advancements on the AJ4 included mesh netted side panels for increased breathability, customizable lacing support systems that could be tailored to each player’s specific demands, and the introduction of lighter, more durable, environmentally and animal-friendly synthetic Durabuck leathers


Air Jordan 3

The Air Jordan 3 is a classic and has been made to keep that way with only 4 signature colorways so you can easily spot them in the streets. The 4 available Air Jordan 3s are:

  • White/Cement Gray
  • Black/Cement Gray
  • White/Fire Red
  • White/True Blue
Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)

The True blue colorway was introduced in 2009 and instantly became a favorite among sneakerheads. They had also released a special black colorway in honor of Black History Month.

Air Jordan 4

When the air Jordan 4 was first released in 1999, there were only 4 colorways designed by Tinker Hatfield. Later the sneakers were released numerous times each with a number of new addition to the colorways.

However, the 4 original colorways of the Air Jordan 4 are:

  • White/ Black
  • White/ Cement Grey
  • White/ Fire Red- Black
  • Off White/ Military Blue
Jordan 3 vs 4 (Air Jordan 3 vs Air Jordan 4)


Air Jordan 3

When the AJs first hit the racks in 1988, the price tag was $100. It sold out almost immediately and was made available at different points in the next years. The resell value of these shoes is extremely high due to their exclusivity but if you can get them off their website, that’s a very sweet deal.

Air Jordan 4

The Jordan 4s are collectible shoes owing credit to their rich history and hype. But over the years, with the launches being far and between, the resale value of these shoes has skyrocketed.

A pair of the original Jordan 4 can be sold for between 150-250$. Whereas one of the limited edition Jordan 4s is sold even up to 350-450$.


Air Jordan 3

The only complaint sneakerheads have with the Air Jordan 3 is that they are hardly available. The statement MJ shoes have only been launched a handful of times since they first came out more than 30 years ago.

Currently, the shoes are not available on the Nike website but they are rumored to make a comeback later in the year. But you might find them on independent retail stores and websites.

Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 has also been pulled out from the Nike website. They are made available every couple of years with a special launch of new colorways.

At present, if you want to buy a pair of Air Jordan 4 you might have to try websites like StockX to get your desired shoe.


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