Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)

Today we talk about one of the most iconic moments of the inception of the Swoosh brand and how it established itself as one of the biggest names of the shoe industry. The Nike Blazer has been a staple Nike shoe since it first came out in the late 70s.

Almost fifty years later, these shoes are still popularly loved along with its later rendition- the Nike Court Royals.

In this article, we will discuss Nike Blazers vs Court Royale where different features of both the shoes will be extensively compared.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (All The Differences)

Let’s discuss Nike Blazers vs Court Royale in terms of their different features.


Nike Blazers

The Nike Blazers came was the first ever shoe made by the brand under the Nike name. This shoe was first worn by the basketball player George Gervin for its revolutionary technology and comfort.

The founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman came up with the iconic herringbone outsole and the leather upper that provides the players the required grip and support. Even though the shoes were made for athletes, they are great for everyday use as well.

Nike blazer for basketball

Court Royale

The Court Royale was initially designed as tennis shoes. So the shoes were really comfortable and light on the feet and they’re perfect for regular walking and running.

The Court Royale has a padded low collar that makes it comfortable while being stylish. The shoes are simplistic and meet all the criteria for comfort and usage.

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Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)


Nike Blazers

The men’s shoe sizes start from 5.5 upto size 15. Whereas the women’s shoe sizes can be available from size 7 to 16.5.

The Nike Blazer has come a long way since its launch in the 70s. But the shoes are still seen rocking the streets. You may find your ideal size of the iconic Blazers from the website or from the retail Nike stores.

Court Royale

The Nike Court Royale shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. For men the size chart starts from size 6 to size 15. And for women the shoe size starts from 5 up to size 12.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)

If your shoe size is not available at the website, you may turn on notifications for when your size becomes available or chek out other independent retails or stores.

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Nike Blazers

If you buy a pair of Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage you will still find the classic style and minimalist built of the original Blazer. The shoe was first made of a leather upper, the tongue was made of nylon and it had the revolutionary rubber sole.

The shoes after many decades have quite the same design. The upper of the shoe is made of leather and suede material, while the midsole and outsole are made of rubber.

Nike Blazer material

Court Royale

The Court Royale has survived many trend changes as well. The Swoosh brand has replaced the original leather in this shoe for more durable synthetic leather upper.

The upper body of the shoe is now made up of synthetic leather that helps minimize the impact of your steps. The sole contains the classic herringbone pattern made of rubber. The shoe is also made of 20% recycled material.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)

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Nike Blazer

The Blazers are the original sports shoes and have been loved by people for so many years for its simplicity along with durability.

The Blazers are great for everyday walking and running and the rubber soles will last you for years.

Court Royale

The  Court Royale is an extremely versatile shoe. You can wear it on the streets or on the court all the while looking stylish.

Other than its visual appeal, the shoes will last you a long time. You can get a timeless classic shoe for an affordable price.

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Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer that came out in the 70s has lived through many lives and it changed its course along the way from being basketball shoe to being a tennis shoe to being a staple in the skateboard community.

There have been many personal collaborations along with the latest collection with Supreme that brought this hoe in the luxury category.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)
Nike Blazer MId ‘77 Vintage

The Nike Blazer MId ‘77 Vintage has about 40 amazing colorways for you to choose from.

Court Royale

The court Royale first came out as shoes made for the tennis court. But today the brand has made it more accessible and appropriate for everyday use.

The Nike Court Royale can be found in the classic black and white shades as well as a number of exciting colorways.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)
Nike Court Royale


Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer has some out with a wide variety of renditions of the original shoe. These may vary in price. But a pair of Nike Blazers will cost you around $100.

The price of the men’s shoes may around $90 to $120 depending on the style. Whereas the women;s Blazer collection starts from aroun $85 to $110. But some of the recent luxury collaborations amy cost more based on the availability.

Court Royale

The Nike Court Royale is undoubtedly one of the most affordable Nike shoes. You can get the classic Nike shoe just for $55!

If you want good quality shoes for everyday wear that will look stylish and be comfortable while being easy on the wallet, The Nike Court Royale shoes are for you. The men’s shoes are just for $55 while the women’s can be from $55 to $65.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (With Comparison Chart)


The Nike Blazer as well as the Court Royale has been in the market for decades. They are now available along with their various renditions and collections.

The original Nike  Blazer has been replaced by the Vintage Nike’77 shoes. The Court RIyake shoes have also been updated and improved since it first came out.

Nike Blazers vs Court Royale (Comparison Chart)

Nike Blazers Vs Court Royale comparison table


The NIke Blazer was the first shoe by Nike that became a huge success and was worn by NBA stars in the basketball court. Years later, Nike came out with another version of the original Blazers inspired by old-school tennis shoes. These shoes were called the Nike Court Royale shoes.

Both the shoes have stood the test of time and are still relevant and have a wide variety of renditions of the same classic Nike quality.

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