Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

Believe me or not, the title is not as crazy as it sounds when you are reading it for the first time with no clue what it is actually about. I mean, obviously, it sounds insane that someone can even think of eating shoes. But, have you wondered why anyone might think of eating Crocs or Crocs being edible?

I have heard a story about a man stranded in the middle of somewhere with nowhere to go. He had been starving for weeks, and the only option left for him was to feast on his Crocs.

Now the main question is, was he successful? Did he finally eat Crocs? Are Crocs edible?

To my surprise, Crocs are indeed edible because they are made of organic compounds without any harmful contamination.

This sounds unnatural to me as well. How are Crocs edible? What are Crocs made of? Let’s find out everything about Crocs being edible or not!

What Are Crocs Made Of?

You have probably heard about Crocs being made out of toxic materials and how they can be so harmful to your feet. Well, this is not entirely true. It is true that Crocs used to be made out of plastics or foams that were highly toxic as something to eat.

Things changed. Crocs are now made purely from organic compounds. Croslite is used to make them, which is a pure material of resin. Croslite is not toxic. In fact, it can be called an antibacterial material.

The constituents of Crocs include polymers extracted from crude oil. This is completely edible and will not cause any harmful effects on the body.

Croslite is a very lightweight and soft material that takes excellent care of both comfort and protection. It creates an incredible grip on the floor with the bottom of the Crocs, making them non-slip.

Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

Is It Safe to Eat Crocs?

No matter how crazy a question can sound, there always has to be an answer. If you genuinely want to know whether you can eat Crocs or not, then yes, you can eat Crocs shoes. It is safe and will not cause any weird effects on your stomach or body. Croslite is really edible because it consists of purely organic materials.

The shoe itself is rigid and stiff in terms of chewing. It is appropriately edible after getting boiled for a while. Boiling softens the texture.

You may have noticed that Crocs are pretty expensive. Crocs are costly because the materials are high quality and are not contaminated with harmful or toxic components, making it safer to eat them. But don’t be stupid enough to eat them randomly!

What Can Compel People To Be Crazy Enough To Eat Crocs?

Guess what? People do have reasons to eat Crocs which they think are valid enough. What could the reasons be?


I have already mentioned the stranded guy who ate Crocs for survival. No matter how crazy it sounds, it indeed is a valid reason because eating Crocs to save your life is way better than dying hopelessly. They are not toxic and can undoubtedly be filling enough for a while. But some people joke around, saying if you have two options of choosing to eat your friend or eat your Crocs when you are stranded, eat your friend. Yes, Crocs taste that bad.

Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!


Experimenting takes the world forward to the light of knowledge. We could never tell if a theory is true or false if we never experiment with it.

When people first got to know that Crocs are made from edible materials, it went viral. Lots of people started trying it as an experiment to see if it was true or not. People online even wanted to use it as content to go viral. These people are certainly insane, but they did help to confirm that Crocs are edible.


This group of people is similar to the ones trying to experiment. But they are even more ridiculous. People knew how soft the Crocs felt on their feet and wondered how great it would taste if they ate them. Curiosity can lead you to anything.

How To Cook Crocs And Eat Them?

Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

Just hear me out. I’m not crazy. The question is insane, but I just had to try cooking Crocs because I lost a bet.

The results were pretty surprising. I just had to be patient and brave enough to cook Crocs and put them in my mouth.

Croc Corporation does not recommend cooking Crocs and trying them because let’s be honest, they are shoes! But if your curiosity will not stop itching your brain, go for it. Follow the steps below to know how to cook Crocs shoes.

Step 1: It does not matter if your Crocs are new or old. Wash them properly.

Step 2: Choose a large enough pot to easily fit the Crocs and give them enough space to boil around.

Step 3: Fill in the pot with enough water and put it on a stove. You have to wait for the water to boil.

Step 4: Put your Crocs in when the water is boiling (you can take a few deep breaths to prepare yourself for this ridiculous deed).

Step 5: Close the lid and wait for at least 30 minutes for the Crocs to be properly boiled. The Crocs will not melt. The boiling is for softening the Crocs and killing any germ.

Step 6: After boiling them, you can add any flavor like pepper, salt, or sauce. If you boil the Crocs enough, they will be very easy to cut with a texture almost similar to mozzarella cheese.

You can add extra-virgin olive oil while cooking if you want to fight off all the dirt and germs properly.

Are Crocs Made Out Of Crocodiles?

Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

Crocs are not made out of crocodile skin. The company never harmed any crocodile during the manufacturing process of the Crocs. It is very easy to think that Crocs are made out of crocodiles because of the name, but no, they are not. They are mainly made from Croslite, as mentioned above. However, they were initially made from foams and plastics. Crocodile skin was never an option.

Do Crocs Easily Start Smelling Bad?

Crocs are made from antibacterial Croslite. Croslite prevents them from smelling bad easily. But that doesn’t mean Crocs won’t smell at all. There can be exceptions. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, your Crocs can stink after using them for a long time. Your Crocs need to breathe as well. You should not wear them all day long if your feet are too sweaty. Or you can wear socks to prevent it.

There are other factors as well that can make your Crocs smell. If you keep your Crocs damp or in a wet place for a long time, they tend to stink. It would be best if you kept them dry when you are not wearing them.

Why Do My Crocs Smell So Bad?

As I said before, your Crocs can start getting smelly for multiple reasons. You have to know what the reason might be and do something to prevent it. Crocs are very easy to maintain. Some of the reasons for stinky Crocs include:

Lack Of Breathability

The breathability of Crocs is remarkable for having holes in them. But Crocs are made of something that is not necessarily super porous. Croslite is not plastic, but it can be very similar to that in terms of allowing air circulation. The material can block sweat from drying and cause the shoes to have a foul smell. You can prevent this by avoiding prolonged usage of Crocs on a scorching day.

Wearing Them For A Long Time

Wearing Crocs for a long time does not necessarily refer to a single day. It also includes wearing old Crocs without replacing them. It is pretty evident that your Crocs will start to smell bad if you continue to wear them all day long without a break. But, old Crocs can begin to smell as well. Almost everything has an expiry date, so does your Crocs. Buy new ones if your Crocs are too old and give you a bad smell without any reason.

Bad Maintenance

Anything will start to deteriorate if you don’t take good care of it. Crocs are very easy to clean, and they need regular cleaning to stay fresh. Just wash them with water once in a while, and you are good to go.

Storing Them Damp

Storing any shoes when they are damp is one of the worst things you can do to them. You should make sure your Crocs are dry when you store them; otherwise, be ready for some stinky walking.

Sweaty Feet

If your feet sweat excessively, it is better to avoid wearing Crocs during hot days. Crocs are breathable, but they often fail to dry too much sweat. Wear socks or wear Crocs for a short time if you want to prevent them from getting smelly.

Why Are There 13 Holes On The Crocs?

If you have Crocs, count the number of holes on them. You will find exactly 13 holes. It is not magic. It is just that Crocs are always manufactured with 13 holes on them, and there are a few reasons why.

The holes increase the ventilation, and it is not just one way of letting the air in your shoes. It is also convenient in evaporating all the water and sweat out of your feet. The holes balance the airflow and maintain the moisture of your feet as well as the shoes.

Are crocs edible? | Not As Crazy As It Sounds!


I know curiosity can make you try to eat Crocs, but please don’t. Though, they are now made of pure organic compounds which are non toxic materials by nature, but it is only acceptable to eat them if you don’t have any other way of survival. Otherwise, remember that Crocs are great for various activities as shoes, and they should only be treated as shoes and not food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Crocs be cut easily?

Crocs are made of soft and lightweight materials, so it is very easy to cut them with any sharp object. If you boil Crocs, they will turn so soft that you can tear them with your hand (don’t forget the gloves, they are hot!).

Why are Crocs called Crocs?

Although Crocs are not made of crocodile skin, the name is inspired by crocodiles for several reasons. Crocs can withstand harsh environments, and they are also very stiff and strong.

Are Crocs Vegan?

Most Crocs are vegan because they consist of organic compounds without any animal cruelty. But, a few of the designs include leather as a part that is not vegan.

What is so special about Crocs?

The very first thing people find special about Crocs is their unique design. They are also easy to maintain and are durable. Their durability doesn’t add bulk to the shoes. They are very lightweight and can withstand any condition.

How can you tell fake Crocs?

If you have used original Crocs, it will be very straightforward to tell the difference between the real and the fake ones. Fake Crocs are very rough and heavy. You will know when you wear one as they slip on wet surfaces as they consist of ordinary rubber.

How many calories are in a Croc shoe?

The exact number is still unknown, but people on Reddit say Crocs shoes have a similar amount of calories as a margarine box or a subway bread.

What do Crocs shoes taste like?

Boiled Crocs taste very chewy and may even get stuck in your throat. Many people compared the taste with tacky mouth guards.

Are Crocs biodegradable?

Crocs are not biodegradable because of the combination of materials that make Crocs. However, you can recycle Crocs.

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