Birkenstock VS Naot | Explained for Beginners!

Birkenstocks vS. Naot

Suppose you have severe foot pain and want footwear to help cure that. Now, if you search for the best one for solving this problem, two brand names might be on the top of your search list- Birkenstocks and Naot. This vegan footwear of both brands is best for treating foot problems, such as – plantar fasciitis.

This water-resistant footwear might have similarities in treating foot aches, but some differences make them preferable one over another. If you are facing a dilemma in choosing any of them, make sure to give this a read till the end for a better understanding. Let’s first take a look at the differences between Birkenstock vs Naot.

Birkenstock VS Naot | Explained for Beginners!
Differences between Birkenstock and Naot

Flat feet (Birkenstock vs Naot)

Birkenstocks have been preferable for flat feet due to their ability to keep their feet in the right place. The toe bar on the footwear gives your feet a perfect grip on wearing these shoes. The flexible footbed helps mold your feet easily unless rigid flat feet. In that case, you might find problems wearing these shoes/ sandals from Birkenstocks.

As mentioned earlier, the Naot footwear is best known for treating foot pains, such as plantar fasciitis. The elevated footbed with a deep heel cup provides extra strength and a firm grip on this footwear. The latex and cork-made footbed also help treat flat and heel spurs.

Birkenstock VS Naot | Explained for Beginners!
Birkenstock Toe Bar
Naot Heel Cup
Naot Heel Cup

Arch support (Naot vs Birkenstock)

Birkenstocks are considered the best for providing arch support to your feet. The shoe modifications will ensure your foot’s proper positioning, including the treatment of foot aches. The real leather straps with a cork footbed can support your arches in every step you take.

The footwear from Naot helps in providing arch support too.

Birkenstock Arch Support
Birkenstock Arch Support

It offers extra stability for your feet, making it distribute the weight of your body around the sandal. The supportive heel area also includes support in the distribution of weight.


In terms of comfort, Naot has edge over Birkenstock. The proper alignment of feet and body weight distribution helps prevent foot cramps. The bouncy sole with cushioned toe also takes part in providing comfort.

Birkenstocks are made with a cork-latex flexible footbed with a deep heel cup that keeps your feet in the right place. However, some customers face issues in the molding process, which makes this footwear the second choice in choosing comfort.

Runs true to size or not:

Birkenstocks footwear follows the European size chart, which is available internationally. This is why you have to convert the size before buying them. Other than that, Birkenstocks also have narrow and wide feet footwear collection, making this footwear run true to their size.

However, the Naot doesn’t run true to their size; instead, this footwear runs smaller than the actual size. Hence it’s better to buy them offline or buy one size bigger than your foot for perfection.

Birkenstock vs Naot (Final words)

Both Birkenstocks and Naot footwear have been ruling the footwear industry for a long time now. Till now, you must have figured out the reason and so if you also want to be a part of any of them, just make sure you choose the best for yourself. I hope that you now have some decent ideas about Birkenstock and Naot after reading this article.

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