Vans Authentic VS Old Skool (Quick Facts)

Vans Authentic vs Old Skool

Are you stuck in the Vans Authentic VS Old Skool confusion? Of course, these two are siblings and the most popular Vans skate shoe models so far. However, when it’s about personal preference and certain circumstances, we need to choose one. 

This is the point where people like you are hesitant. If I’m not wrong, that’s the reason why you stepped into this article. Here, we’re going to explore all the important specs and features that differentiate these two outstanding Vans sneakers. 

What is Vans Authentic? 

Authentic is one of the most eminent skate shoe models from Vans. This low-top sneaker comes with a simple yet stylish lace-up design. The upper portion of Vans authentic is constructed with canvas.

Vans Authentic was first introduced in the 19th century, now it has become one of the most demanding sneaker line-ups. 

Vans Authentic

What is Vans Old Skool? 

Old Skool is a name of craze among skaters across the world. This is one of the highest successful skate shoe models of Vans. These shoes feature a lace-up, low-top design that has brought a new dimension to street style. 

All shoes of the Old Skool series consist of Van’s signature waffle sole that was specially designed for skateboarders. Since its introduction, it has passed four successful decades. Still, now, these shoes dominate the market. 

vans old skool
Old Skool

Vans Authentic vs Old Skool Comparison Table

Vans Authentic VS Old Skool (Quick Facts)

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Vans Authentic vs Old Skool- Factors to Compare

As we mentioned, both Vans Authentic and Old Skool are groundbreaking editions from Vans. However, there are some factors that distinguish these two models from each other. Here we’re going to compare these facts.


Vans Authentics are mostly made with canvas, leather, and suede. However, Vans has introduced a new Authentic model to this series, which is made from denim that’s quite familiar due to its durability. 

Vans Authentics made with suede leather has great color variations that attract the young generation. Yet, we don’t recommend that version as these shoes are not much comfortable. Currently, Vans Authentic has two popular styles with black synthetic leather upper. 

On the other hand, Vans Old Skool features the traditional upper design with the iconic side stripe that’s made from canvas and suede materials. Canvas and suede are quite popular for added comfort. 

Vans Old Skool has a wide range of colorways that helps buyers to choose a model depending on their sense of style. The canvas material of the upper portion is efficient in preventing odor formation and sweating. 


Most Vans Authentics features their proprietary UltraCush HD, which is praised for enhanced support. This insole ensures you have the optimum support for jumping downstairs or running off stunts.

Vans Authentic VS Old Skool (Quick Facts)
UltraCush HD insole

Alongside the signature waffle rubber outsole is quite durable that provides greater traction. This outsole ensures better contact to the skateboard and ground while skating. At present, Vans Authentic has a work shoe that features a lugged vulcanized outsole. 

Talking about the sole of Vans Old Skool, this might be the most significant fact behind their popularity. Vans Old Skool shoes come with the signature waffle sole. Moreover, the added vertical lines on the outsole provide excellent grip. So, you can skate or perform any athletic activity without the fear of slipping.  


Vans Authentics are equally popular as both skating and fashion shoes due to their adaptable design, classic look, and lightweight solace. However, these shoes remain at the top of demand when it’s about durability. 

The canvas upper makes them the most durable and long-lasting shoes for everyday wear. The iconic ProVulc outsole of Vans Authentics features a durable vulcanized design technology that maximizes durability and grip. 

As the closest sibling, Vans Old Skool shoes feature the vulcanized construction that makes them incredibly long-lasting and durable as well. Vulcanized construction uses a metal last instead of a traditional plastic formation. 

This innovation helps to bond all parts more securely and precisely, which ultimately creates those incredibly durable Old Skool shoes. At present, this is the most effective and top-quality construction method for sneakers. 

Vulcanized construction


Vans Authentics are praised for their top-notch stitching, which is simple but provides a clean outlook. The sleek construction of Vans Authentics helps to blend themselves with any outfit and offers a perfect look. However, Vans Authentics are most favorable among users while wearing shorts.  

According to Vans’ official statement, there are 52 different styles and colors of Vans Authentics currently available in the market. Some of the most prominent patterns are checkboard, skull, rainbow, solid color, etc. Recently, Vans has introduced a new style named Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 DX that features an upgraded ortholite sock liner. 

On the other side, Vans Old Skool is pretty stylish since its innovation. The combination of lace-up structure and low-top outlook gives you a street-ready look. Old Skool is one of the first skateboarding shoes in the market. 

It has both a fashion and sporty vibe that make it so alluring and help you keep pace with the time. The classic side stripes of the Old Skool model represent the iconic Vans symbol while adding an extra layer of style to the shoe. 

If you prefer matching shoes with your outfit, Old Skool is also here to impress you. Old Skool series has some excellent color combinations including Black Mono, Black Topez, White/ Black, Tiger Eye, and many more. 


For any kind of footwear, materials play a vital role in terms of durability, design, comfort, and safety. Luckily, both Vans Authentic and Old Skool are constructed with top-quality materials. Perhaps this is the most significant fact behind their specialty. 

Vans Authentic shoes are constructed with suede, leather, and canvas. However, there is also a variation, which has a denim fabric upper. There is a specialized model named Vans Authentic Made for Makers, which has been developed for tougher jobs. Consequently, it is more slip-resistant and durable than others. 

Whilst, Vans Old Skool comes with a rubber sole. This sole shows equal excellence in both dry and wet conditions. As we know, rubber is a waterproof material, hence it provides superior traction over slippery and wet surfaces. 

Vans Authentic VS Old Skool (Quick Facts)
Rubber Sole- Vans Old Skool

The unique waffle sole of Vans Old Skool guarantees incredible stability on your feet. Alongside, the canvas upper is breathable and lightweight. That is why it feels so comfortable in hot weather conditions. 

Size and Fit

Size and fit is the most important aspect when it’s about comfort. In the case of Vans Authentics, they have a wide range of sizes. There are multiple size variations for Men, Women, and Kids. Alongside, the convenient lace-up design allows you to wear them according to your preference. 

Despite the comfort and convenience of Vans Old Skool, sizing is a common concern for many people. According to some wearers, Vans Old Skool runs a bit small. That means you should go one size down to ensure proper fitting.

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Pros and Cons of Vans Authentic

Although Vans Authentics are a symbol of excellence and convenience, they have some minor drawbacks as well. Here are some of their major pros and cons:


  • Cushioned support inside the heel region
  • Durable texture upper
  • Good range of motion due to low-top and lace-up design
  • Padded sole with great breathability and flexibility
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Some reported about lack of arch support
  • The upper portion gets dirty too soon.

Pros and Cons of Vans Old Skool

Like the nearest sibling, Van’s Old Skool also has some drawbacks. Nevertheless, the number of beneficial facts are quite higher. 


  • Waffle sole
  • Lightweight and breathable canvas upper
  • Suitable for both skating and street-style
  • Multiple colorways
  • Vulcanized construction
  • Superior comfort and traction


  • Sizes run a bit small
  • Narrow fitting

Final Verdict

It’s hard to select one winner from the Vans Authentic VS Old Skool comparison, as both of them are top of their class. We have explained all the important facts regarding these two shoes. Now it’s up to you to choose which one suits your needs and choice. 

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