Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

Are Vans Authentic Worth It?

The answer is yes. Vans Authentic is worth every penny and more. You can’t go wrong with a pair of these shoes, and they will last for years.

If you’re going for a shoe that will last, the vans authentic is the perfect choice for you! With their classic style and durability, there’s no better shoe on the market today.

History of Vans Authentic

On March 16, 1966, in Anaheim, California, Paul and Jim of the Van Doren Rubber Company customized 12 shoes in-house for clients—a design now known as Authentic—for the first time.

Vans’ entrance into skateboarding may not have sealed that day, but it didn’t take long for those sticky waffle soles, canvas uppers, and simple style to make an impact on Southern California’s burgeoning skate scene.

Materials of Vans Authentic

The materials used in making the Vans Authentic include Canvas, Vulc Sole, EVA, Rubber Sole / Fabric, and suede.

The material used for the uppers is a canvas. The canvas helps keep moisture inside the shoe, thus preventing the growth of bacteria.

The fabric used is nylon mesh and the sole uses rubber. Rubber is a common material used in making sneakers because it provides traction and flexibility.

Why is Vans Authentic So Good?


There are many reasons why the Vans Authentic is such a good shoe. One of the main reasons is that it is so versatile. It can go well with dressing up or dressing down, making it an excellent choice for any occasion.

And it is comfortable, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Additionally, the shoe’s construction is very high quality, ensuring that it will last for many years.


The Vans Authentic is a very comfortable shoe, perfect for everyday wear. The first thing you will notice about the comfort of this shoe is the padded tongue and collar.

If you ever have a pair of low-top shoes or some other canvas shoes with no padding on the tongue and collar, you know how uncomfortable those can be after a couple of hours.

The padding on the Vans Authentic makes it much more comfortable to wear, as your feet will not have direct contact with the canvas material.


Another reason that the Vans Authentic is such a great shoe is because it can be worn in almost any situation. You can wear this shoe for just about anything, whether it’s walking around town, skateboarding with friends, or even running errands with your family.

If you want to dress it up a little bit, you can throw on a pair of blue jeans and a button-down shirt for that classic casual look.

You can also wear this shoe dressed down with some khakis and a t-shirt. This shoe is versatile and will serve almost any purpose you could need it for.


The reason that this is such a great shoe is due to its durability. Not only will it last for a long time, but the quality of the materials used ensures it will stay in good shape throughout its lifetime.

The Authentic features a high-quality canvas upper, ensuring that you won’t have any problems with it ripping or tearing. The vulcanized rubber outsole is highly durable and withstands even the harshest conditions.

So, if you are looking for a shoe that will last you for years to come, the Vans Authentic is the right choice.


One of the reasons why the Vans Authentic is such a great shoe is that it is stylish. It isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill canvas shoe – it has a unique look and style.

So whether you are wearing them to school, work, or out with friends, you will always look your best.

One of the most stylish features about the Vans Authentic is its simple, clean design. Not to mention, it also comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to choose your favorite.

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!


The Vans Authentic is a versatile shoe that can be worn in many different situations. It can be worn casually at home, during class, or even while working out.

In addition to all these uses, they can also be worn by both men and women. They are also comfortable on your foot, so there shouldn’t be any issues finding a size that provides. Since they are made of leather, they are also easy to clean.


Last but not least, the Vans Authentic is a very affordable shoe. You can purchase a pair for anywhere under $100, which is a fantastic deal when you consider the quality of the materials used.

Many other shoes on the market cost much more than the Authentic but don’t offer nearly the same level of quality.

So, if looking for an affordable shoe that will last for a long time, the Vans Authentic is your best bet.

The Vans Authentic is a perfect shoe for just about anyone. It’s comfortable, versatile, and durable, making it ideal for everyday use.

If you are looking for a great shoe that you can wear casually and dress up, the Vans Authentic is a great option.

Plus, the shoe’s construction is high quality, ensuring that it will last for many years.


There are several criticisms of Vans Authentic, including that they stain easily, have poor arch support, and wear out quickly.

In addition, they provide poor cushioning, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Some people find vans authentic to be attractive and stylish. But some people find them uncomfortable.

Most Popular Styles of Vans Authentic Shoes

The Vans Authentic has been around since 1966, so they’ve had some time to develop. Here are the most popular styles:

Vans Authentic

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

Vans Authentic is known for making sneakers that last longer than any other shoe. Their heritage is so strong that they don’t need to chase new technologies in their shoes constantly.

Instead, they keep doing what they do best: making a quality product at a great price.

The Authentics are made with a rubber outsole that provides traction and durability.

The upper is constructed from premium genuine leather and ensures comfort and longevity. It also comes in several different colors.

Vans Authentic Platform 2.0

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Authentic Platforms 2.0 features a waffle outsole taller than standard platforms.

Many users are happy with this style because it provides a unique look while still comfortable.

Vans Authentic Pro

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Authentic Pro is an excellent shoe for skateboarding and other sports. The canvas upper provides a comfortable fit and durable construction.

The thick white midsole adds support and cushioning and the rubber outsole offers traction. It has a classic look and feels.

Vans Authentic SF

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Authentic Surf is a shoe that is easy to put on and take off. It also features a collapsible heel, allowing users to quickly slip them on or off.

Vans Authentic Slim

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Authentic Slim features a sleek design that looks great on most foot types.

In addition, many users say that the shoe fits comfortably and provides support without being too bulky or heavy.

Vans Gum Authentic

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The low-top Vans Gum Authentic combined the classic style of the original Authentic with a new design and added a gum sole.

Consumers liked the combination of the gum sole and the low-top design.

Vans Golden Coast Authentic

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Golden Coast is a variation of the classic Checkerboard shoe. It is also available in all colors except true white. Compared to the Checkerboard, the Golden Coast features a more subtle off-white hue.

Vans Checkerboard Authentic

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The checkerboard pattern is the most prominent feature of the shoe. It is also the only part of the shoe that is not entirely black.

The Slip-On model was the first to feature a checkerboard design. After that, the entire upper is painted in checkers, while other models use the checkers only in certain areas.

Vans Gum Block Authentic

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Gum Block Authentic is another update of the classic Vans Authentic. It features a canvas upper, laces, and a gum block heel.

The design is inspired by the original but adds a modern touch with a checkerboard pattern on the canvas.

Vans Made For The Makers Authentic UC

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Made For the Maker Authentic UC is a new version of the popular Authentic model. It is made of canvas uppers and features a rubber sole.

In addition, it has a padded insole and a rubber outsole. The Vans logo is located on the tongue and the heel tab.

Vans Washed Canvas Authentic

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Washed Canva Authentic is an excellent shoe for any occasion. Its construction allows it to be worn comfortably, while its color scheme will enable it to go well with many different outfits.

Vans Checkerboard Authentic Pro

Are Vans Authentic Worth It? | The Good and the Bad!

The Vans Checkerboard Pro is a new addition to the Vans lineup. With its unique design, this shoe is sure to be a favorite amongst many.

In addition, the shoe boasts some great features, such as its signature checkerboard print and its durable rubber outsole.

With its latest technology and signature style, the Vans Checkers Authentic Pro is a must-have sneaker for any fan of Vans.


Vans Authentic is a famous shoe widely available at stores across the country. They are known for their comfort and versatility, and affordability. If you want a shoe that will last for years to come, then the Vans Authentic should be considered. We have an article stating the difference between Vans Authentic Vs Era on our website. You can check it out too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Authentic vegan?

Most authentic vans shoes are made from canvas, meaning they’re usually vegan. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

For example, certain styles of vans shoes may contain leather suede. To determine whether or not a particular type of van shoe includes leather soles, you’ll need to read the description carefully.

Are Vans Authentic unisex?

Yes, Vans are unisex. They are designed to fit everyone. The Authentic Vans are designed to feel good and stay put no matter what activity you’re doing.

Are Vans Authentic comfortable?

Yes, They’re designed with a classic low-profile sole and a soft leather lining. These are intended to be worn by men and women alike. And they are very comfortable.

Are Vans Authentic true to size?

Vans Authentic are true to size means they’ll be comfortable right out of the box. As far as fit goes, the Vans Authentics are designed to be snug fitting; however, they’re not tight like some sneakers.

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