Do Vans Have Arch Support? (Important Facts)

Vans is a USA-based manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and associated attire. This company began in Anaheim, California, and is owned by VF Corporation. Many people are concerned about the question “Do Vans have arch support?

Most of the Vans shoes either do not have arch support or have little to moderate arch support. This is because most of the Vans shoes come with flat soles.  Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the Vans shoe arch support.

Do Vans Have Arch Support?

What is arch support in shoes?

Generally, arch support is a term used for various shoe inserts that aid in supporting the arches of the foot. It can come with a wide series of devices from a basic pad to a solid graphite custom-molded support. The arch support inserts are positioned into your shoes to decrease or even remove pain.

Good arch support inserts, in specific, are designed to support every 4 arches of the foot. They place the feet in the perfect place and align the body from the feet up.

Do Vans have arch support?

One of the major problems that people have with Vans is their deficiency of arch support. People who have flat feet will certainly love Vans shoes. A few of the famous Vans shoes have minimum arch support. It can be very harmful to some people. This is because arch support is something that some people require more compared to others.

Shoes with proper arch support are usually better for making your feet protected and healthier. In all actuality, many famous shoes do not have proper arch support of any kind. Maximum people are walking around in shoes continuously that are not good. In a few scenarios, this can lead to issues down the line.

The excellent thing about arch support is that you can purchase it effortlessly on the side. Several companies build inserts that can take every shoe and convert them into shoes with very good arch support. Moreover, not every style of Vans has a lack of arch support. They have added shoes over the years that are better for persons who require additional support.

Do vans Ultrarange have arch support?

The Vans Ultrarange shoes come with moderate arch support. However, the midsole and the UltraCush Lite foam of this shoe may provide sufficient arch support for several foot categories. If you do not need an orthotic or much arch support, then Vans Ultrarange shoes would be very comfortable.

Vans UltraRange

Do vans Comfycush have arch support?

Yes, the Vans Comfycush collection has arch support. The Vans ComfyCush shoes took standard, unique silhouettes and re-designed them to be comfier. It comes with a groundbreaking one-piece interior that has enhanced arch support and moisture-wicking lining.

Vans Comfycush

Do vans Old Skool have arch support?

No, Vans Old Skool does not have arch support. The Vans Old Skool collection is purpose-made shoes, conventionally designed for skateboarders and the like. When the Vans Old Skool shoes are built, the designer of the shoe must remember its purpose.

Vans need to balance comfy along with sturdiness. Not just sturdiness is crucial when it comes to playing Skateboarding, but also being able to handle the deck of the skateboard when playing.

Do Vans Have Arch Support? (Important Facts)

Do vans Slip-On have arch support?

The Vans slip-on shoes have little arch support. It comes with durable low-profile slip-on canvas uppers, padded collars, and flexible side accents. The Vans slip-on shoes also feature iconic rubber waffle outsoles.

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vans Slip-on

Why is arch support essential?

Arch supports are becoming very crucial. Your foot is not meant to walk on solid flat surfaces. Maximum footwear has almost no support, only providing safety from debris and components. Furthermore, footwear selections are presently made based on style above functionality.

Discovering footwear with good arch support incorporated is truly more of a specialty or scarcity with the big bulk of footwear makers. That is the reason it has become more and more crucial to pick the appropriate arch support for the footwear you pick to wear. In addition, good arch support can aid supporting changes in your feet throughout the aging procedure.

Do Vans Have Arch Support? (Important Facts)

It also helps support changes in other body-changing life actions, such as pregnancy, which transfer liquid and relax ligaments. You can use orthotics and wear proper arch support shoes to aid in avoiding injury and reducing pressure on the rest of your body.


Many people who wear Vans shoes would advise that Vans shoes don’t have much in respect to arch support. It doesn’t indicate that Vans shoes are a bad shoe when put into comparison with a shoe that does provide better arch support. Vans has offered a wide variety of new shoe models, including waterproof business casual options over time.

Every one of these shoe models brings something new to the table. Though some may face problems with flat soles, they can solve this by adding some custom arch support. Hopefully, after reading this article you have known everything about the question “Do Vans have arch support?”.

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