Vans Old Skool VS Old Skool Pro | Which one Stands Out?

Van Old Skool VS Old Skool Pro

“Vans” is a brand renowned for its high top sneakers. Vans has been a well known competitor in the market since 1966 and has since grown to be one of the most famous footwear brands in the world. Vans manufactures popular sports shoes like Skate shoes, BMX shoes, Snowboarding boots etc.

One of the most notable products of Vans include – Old Skool and Old Skool Pro.

Product Introduction

Vans classics have been fairly recognized product manufactured by the “Vans” since 1977. The pro is a customized edition of the old skool. This shoe was mainly targeted for the streetwear community to allow the artist to feel safer during their performance. Both of them came with a suede canvas and leather covering in the back.

The trendsetting shoe design remained unchanged as the first rate materials used in the production of these shoes were constantly being updated in order to improve the technology for better functionality and durability. Both pairs of the shoes were stylishly designed and can be worn as daily shoes for day to day works and they both consisted of a rubber outsole which tends to be a great feature for absorbing a shock impact in order to protect the feet from strain.

Both the shoes were made to provide excellent grip and a substantial amount of friction which made them less slippery. Thin leather running along the sides and a structure of canvas gives it a trendy and fashionable look. They can be found in various colors which make them one of the most appealing and demanded sneakers on the market. The Van old skool and new Vans stand among the top most preferred shoes for casual and formal wear.

Characteristics of the Two Products and Their Design Patterns

The Vans Old Skool Pro was created in response to the demand from active skaters who needed a more durable and heavy-duty Vans model. That’s why the Old Skool remains to be the better choice for regular use.

Vans Old Skool VS Old Skool Pro | Which one Stands Out?


With identical outsoles that absorb shock impacts, both models safeguard your feet while walking or skating. The outsole has the signature waffle design to give extra support.


For a long-lasting and dependable usage, they both have similar leather or Canvas upper.


So that your stance can be firm and your strides comfy, both have the same tread patterns that give adequate grip along with traction.


Overall, the design pattern is quite similar. Both have a shallow ankle arch. The iconic strip runs midway from the heel. The structure is made of canvas and thin leather running along the sides. It’s very lightweight because of the shaft and arch measuring about 3.5.


The footbed of the Old Skool Pro has a padded tongue and footbed which makes it more comfy than the Old Skool, which has a thin layers’ tongue and a footbed fabric.


The pro version has detachable padding which helps during cleaning, whereas the Old Skool’s inlets are sewed to the footbed.


Both have vulcanized rubber soles made using a signature waffle design from vans which has excellent hold and resistance. In addition to this, the Old skool has a pro-Vulc lite assembly which creates a firm board sensation while skating.

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Pros and Cons Vans Old Skool


• The upper of the old skool has a complete suede covering that is durable and classy.

• The old skool classic is less rigid and basic in designing than the Vans old skool pros.

• More cost-friendly.

• More flexible and preferable wear for everyday use besides skating.

• A wide range of color and design patterns. VANS OLD SKOOL PRO

• Has a padded tongue and padded footbed to make it comfortable.

• Has removable inlets for easier cleaning.

• Has an additional pro-Vulc lite

• Has the Vans ultra cush HD polyurethane based soft sock liner

• The pro has a vulcanized traditional gum rubber makeup

• The toe box area of the old skool pro is meld with DURACAP rubber

• The pro offers wider ranges of color and designs.

Vans Old Skool VS Old Skool Pro | Which one Stands Out?
Vans Old Skool


• Will wear away faster than the pro version if used while skating or when it’s used too roughly.

• Not as comfortable as the pro version. VANS OLD SKOOL PRO

• More expensive than the classic Vans old skool.

• The pro usually needs more time to get adjusted according to your comfort levels by the time you get engaged in everyday activities.

The most likely buyers for the Vans classic Old Skools are fashionable youths and teens, skateboarders, and sports athletes. It’s a popular choice among people aged from 10 to 24 and it’s unisex.

The most likely buyers for the Vans Old Skool Pro are mainly professional skateboarders and solo sport athletes. It’s also in demand by fashionable youths and adults that want comfy shoes, and the pro version is unisex as well. It’s a popular choice among people aged from 16 to 30.

Vans Old Skool Pro VS Old Skool

Since the year of 1977, the Vans old skool is quite the famous collection from the Vans Company. The Vans Old Skool Pro is the upgraded version of the original Vans Old skool.

Another key thing to use as a reminder is that the Vans Company collaborated with sought-for designers like Marc Jacobs and the supreme band. Thus, resulting in absolutely stunning designs.

I shall be mentioning some key points roughly then carry on to discuss further upon it.

• The outsole of the ‘Vans Old skool’ is not detachable and the vans old skool pro’s outsole is a solidified gum rubber sole. The insoles of the ‘Vans Old Skool’ had fabric inside and the ‘ vans Old skool pro’ had ultraCush insoles.

• In comparison, the toecap the ‘Old skool’ has a supporting toe cap whereas the ‘Old skool pro’ has a Dora cap toe box.

Now that we’re familiar a little with the changes, let’s carry on in depth about the matter of the differences. Starting off with one of the most crucial parts in shoes.

• The ‘Old Skool Vans’ have mostly a thinly layered tongue. On the base of the footwear, there is a foot bed fabric.

• “Old skool vans pro” has more of a padded foot bed and padded tongue. The padded portions significantly prevent forming of small or huge injuries and grinding burn which makes it more comfy for sneakerheads.

Secondly, we have inlets,

• The Vans old skool has inlets that are sewed to the foot bed. This is repaired in the old skool pro Vans with detachable inlets for the ease of cleaning the detachable inlets allow consumers to clean it easily.

The next difference is in their rubber soles,

• Both of them are introduced with the reputed waffle design by Vans, which offers a reliable rubber with splendid foothold and grasping facilities.

• The Vans old skool pro comes with a secondary pro-Vulc lite construction, which offers a stable and steady board feel while you skate; provides better grasping power and improves flexibility.

Vans Old Skool VS Old Skool Pro | Which one Stands Out?
Vans Old Skool Pro

• The Vans ultra cush HD soft sock liner in the old skool pro is a significant difference. This particular Vans ultracush HD is polyurethane-based that’s filled with qualities which increases board performances.

I shall elaborate more on the duracap outsole. They might appear similar to Vans old skool and Van old skool pro. However, you might observe they are not so similar once you’re wearing it as a footwear. The sole underlay has been upgraded with the reputed DURACAP technology from the Vans company.

What does the Duracap Outsole Do?

• This is made to protect areas that bear high amounts of pressure due to wearing it out too early.

• This increases the durability.

• The pro vulc structure is included with the signature waffle design

• The Vans old skool pro comes accompanied by vulcanized traditional gum rubber makeup which produces premium traction, notable grip, and good comfort.

What’s So Special about the Toe Box in the Vans Old Skool Pro?

• This newly added feature of the toe box region of the vans old skool pro is joined with DURACAP rubber. This feature conveys outstanding durability

What Changed in the Uppers of Vans Old Skool Pro?

• The upper of Vans old skool has an absolute suede covering. This is long lasting and stylish. With the pro version introduced, the top-line was made using fine leather and canvas combined.

• These are all the differences between the ‘vans old skool’ and ‘vans old skool pro’.

The changes have been done for a better version as it’s incredibly better for the users.

Why are these Products Premium?

In this section, we’ll discuss why these products are premiums. Their health benefits, good quality, content comfort are the reasons why everyone should consider buying their premium products. I must add in regards to the matter that these products are worth their price as they provide extremely good comfort.

They’re significantly better as their endurance is a lot longer than their cheaply mass-produced counterparts. This is a great choice in the long run, as the purchase of good quality shoes is obviously better and easier on the users’ wallets.

Vans Old Skool VS Old Skool Pro | Which one Stands Out?

We all walk around in our daily lives, our feet must be well protected from harm. However, not all shoes are equal, and the shoes shouldn’t be considered insignificant. Cheap shoes don’t care at all about the health benefits or even on the comfort of their usage. However, the overflow of cheaply manufactured shoes gives off the impression that shoes don’t have a good importance in our normal daily lives.

This is a great misunderstanding. As researched, it’s proven that bad quality cheap shoes could actually be fatal enough to kill a person or cause heinous injury. And we all deserve better quality things over cheap things that hinder our good health.

I have to add that the Classical Vans and Vans old skool pro have better health benefits and can help immensely improve the users’ quality of life and capability. Reinforcing good health, comfort and perfect snug fit makes it a perfect choice.

Even though the vans old skool and vans old skool pro come at a higher rate. They have greater qualities that pay off very well. This also ends up providing a great sense of fashion, comfort and lives up to the users’ expectations.

Over the course of years, the vans company has undoubtedly provided a lavish shoe experience and lives up to its name and quality. All the newly made changes made to the Vans old skool pro really cares about the wellbeing of the wearers.

This is the reason why the vans old skool and vans old skool pro are premium footwear. They live up to the fame it has been gaining around the world.

Customers’ reviews show that the premium options aren’t redundant. It ensures better health. It’s obviously the best idea for everyone to use the premium ones, as it’s dangerous to risk serious injuries.

The Generation Z particularly likes the premium Vans shoes and has mass collections. As skaters are rising up, it has been best to use these premium versions for a longer time usage.

Why does the Generation Z Like these Premium Products?

The various colors and design options are very appealing. They spark an interest among the youngsters. As the young people value good classic style a lot, these premium versions also make them look stylish.

Some Popular Styles of Vans Products:

Vans produces a variety of shoes such as

Vans Authentic

Vans Era

vans slip ons

Vans Old Skools

And other varieties of footwear

The targeted Vans consumers are mostly youths consisting of teenagers as well as young adults since they are most likely to demand skateboard shoes, snowboarding boots, and surfing shoes.

Apart from footwear, Vans sells a wide range of wardrobe consisting of

• T-shirts

• Hoodies

• Socks

• Watches

As well as other accessories.

Wrapping Up

Vans products are great addition to modern skateboarding. They also produce products for other sports too. Vans product is worthy and should be used among all people for better health, capability, and comfort.

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